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Week 2



Continuing the story "The Owl who is afraid of the Dark" by Jill Tomlinson, the children created a story map around darkness. They learnt about what features of a story make it interesting, using components such as 'once upon a time' and 'suddenly'. The children came up with amazing ideas to then use their map as a basis to write their very own story. 


You are more than welcome to come and have a read in their books!




The children have moved on from fractions to numbers 1 - 100. They have really focused this week using lots of visual resources and they learnt how to use a number bond diagram and a 100 square. Fantastic work! 




The children looked at a range of pictures that compared the city and country. The children discussed the differences they could see, and then created a Venn Diagram to show the differences.


The children then had a go at debating with their classmates! They decided if they would rather live in a town or country and then tried to convince their classmates why their choice is better!



The children had a chance to test and evaluate this week! 'Plop' the character had a very big problem! His owl house had been blown away by the wind and rain we experienced this week! So the children came up with the idea to help Plop by making him another Owl house! They discussed as a group what Plop needs to stay safe and warm...a house that was waterproof and strong. The children then worked in small groups to test a range of different materials by using pipettes of water on different materials to see if they were waterproof. 


The children worked scientifically and I heard some very impressive questioning and explanations of their owl houses! We came back together as a group and we looked at pictures I had taken during the experiment and the children thoroughly enjoyed explaining to their friends why their owl house was sturdy and waterproof and how they knew!