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Week 1



The children have been introduced to the story "The Owl who is afraid of the Dark" by Jill Tomlinson. The children imagined what it would be like to walk through a forest in the dark, and they wrote a dark setting description using all of their senses. They came up with some fantastic wow words like terrified, gloomy, frightened, amazed, unknown. Brilliant! 



The children learnt some facts about Owls by watching an informative video and looking at fact books. They worked in groups to create an owl fact file mind map in preparation for writing their own fact file. Well done! 




The children have moved on from fractions to numbers 1 - 100. They have really focused this week using lots of visual resources and they learnt how to use a number bond diagram. Fantastic work! 




This week we looked at the countryside and focused on finding the human and physical features of the countryside and labeling them under the correct headings.




The children had lots of fun going on a scavenger hunt around school! Equipped with magnifying glasses, pencils and paper, they carried out a simple investigation by finding clues as to what animals and insects are around our school. They found very interesting clues such as eaten leaves, feathers, and shells. The children also recorded in their own way how many birds they heard in the space of 5 minutes. They really enjoyed this!