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Understanding of the World activity – Making Easter Buns


Do you have any Easter Eggs laying around your house still? Perfect!


Explain to the children that they are going to make Easter nest buns.


Tell your child that firstly they will need to wash their hands and that the table/kitchen worktop will need to be cleaned so that there are no germs.


Ask your child if they have ever made Easter nest buns before.


Does your child know what ingredients they used? Can they remember how they made them?


Show the children the ingredient packets, read the labels to the children and then look at the equipment needed.


Read the recipe card to your child and explain to them that they are going to follow the instructions step by step.


Ask your child how the chocolate feels as it is broken into small pieces. Encourage the children to talk about the changes they can see happen to the ingredients as the chocolate is melted in the microwave and poured onto the shredded wheat/cornflakes/rice crispies.

How to Make Chocolate Eggs in a Nest recipe