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Understanding of the world activity

Understanding of the World activity – Moon craters


This gross motor moon crater activity will get your child involved in creating craters of their own!


  • You will need:
  • Black sheet of poster board
  • Tape
  • Shaving foam
  • A ball
  • Butter Knife


Make a large circle on the poster board with shaving foam. Fill it in with more foam and spread it out as smoothly as possible with a butter knife.


Secure the poster board with tape to a flat vertical surface. (Please keep in mind this activity can become messy so would be most suitable to do outside.)


Explain to your child what an asteroid is. Ask them if they know what happens to asteroids that come near the earth. (They are burned up by friction when they pass through the earth’s atmosphere. That’s what “shooting stars” actually are.) Explain that the moon doesn’t have a large protective atmosphere like the earth, so its surface is vulnerable to asteroids.

Tell them that they are going to find out what will happen to the moon when asteroids hit. Hand your child a ball and instruct them to try and hit the “moon”.


After they strike the “moon” examine the damage. Explain that craters on the moon are formed the very same way.


Encourage your child to see what happens when they strike the “moon” from a further distance or up very close.


Their young bodies will be fine tuning how much force they need to exert to get the ball to travel various distances. They will be working on hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills all while learning science.

Another adaptation would be to make a larger “moon”, use a larger ball, and kick the “asteroids” instead of throwing them.