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Understanding of the world activity

Understanding of the World activity – Making star biscuits


Using the recipe sheet attached tell your child that they are going to be doing some baking. Can they remember last week’s song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? Well this week we are going to baking our very own stars!


Remind your child of good hygiene and explain that before we can bake we need to make sure that we wash our hands with soap and water and clean the area that we are working in before getting out all of the ingredients and equipment needed.


Look at the packaging for each of the ingredients and pointing to the labels ask your child if they know what it might say. Then look at the weighing scales and discuss how they work.


Follow each step of the recipe card encouraging your child to follow each instruction. Encourage your child to talk about the changes they can see happening to the mixture as they bake.


When it is time to put the biscuits into the oven explain why only adults can use an oven.


Once the biscuits are baked look at them and talk about how they are different now.