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Through The Ages

This half term we are looking at Stone Age all the way through to the Iron Age. We will be turning our classroom into a cave, making Stone age bread and soup, going on an archaeological dig, making roundhouses and finally making Stonehenge out of Bourbon biscuits! Yummy. Keep looking at our page for more updates!

To start with, we started by looking at the Stone age. The book we started to read was Stone Age boy. We loved this book and imagined that we were the boy who fell down the hole! We imagined how hard it would be to have the jobs that the Stone Age people had and what a tiresome day we would have.

We then found out how Stone Age people ate and lived. We realised that they had to catch their own food! We spoke about how difficult this would be and all the skills we would need to be able to do this. The children went outside to try and practise their listening skills and agility. The children then wrote some instructions for the other class so that they could catch their tea with ease!

To understand the prehistoric times, we had to go way back to the beginning. We had to realise how long ago this happened! We went outside with a metre stick and for every 1,000 years we measure a metre. The children then understand how long ago the period of time was! The children then came back inside to draw a timeline and identify the significant events from the Stone age to the Iron age.  

The children were so fascinated in finding out how the prehistoric people lived that we decided to become archaeologists. The children found out all about the tools, jewellery and different artefacts from the stone age times. We discussed how careful we had to be and what we needed to do with the information. The children were amazed at how they lived their day to day life.

As we found out, at the start of the Stone Age most people lived in caves. This was because they had to move where there was food so didn’t feel the need to build a permanent house. We decided that we wanted to know what it felt like to live in a cave so we experienced this right in our classroom! The children then wrote some fantastic setting descriptions of life in the cave.  

One of the most famous landmarks around this time in Stonehenge. The children started off by trying to make their own Stonehenge out of bourbon biscuits! The children realised how difficult this actually was and the teamwork that it would take. The children then started to think about Stonehenge got to the place it got to when prehistoric people didn’t even have machinery! We read a legend of the dancing giants, then decided that we wanted to make our own legend up about how the stones got to where they are!   

Finally, in writing we looked at Stig of the dump. We were introduced to the characters and imagined what life would be like meeting a Stone Age man. The children understand how stressful this was for Barney as no one believed him! We came up with some ideas of how to help him and make his life a lot easier!    

This half term the children have shown great concern in the fact that a lot of hunting had taken place. We decided that we needed to think if this was a good idea or not. We split the class in half and thought about all the reasons why it is a good thing and all the reasons why it is not. The children then wrote some excellent balanced arguments to justify their ideas.     

In history, we moved on to looking at how houses changed. We found out that they wanted to start to become settlers and farm for foods. This meant that they had to build houses. We looked at the houses they lived in and why they looked the way they did. We then pretended to be estate agents and persuade earlier cave men to come and live in the roundhouses.