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The illustrative world of Eric Carle

Year 1 have enjoyed learning about the work of Eric Carle, a children's illustrator. We shared lots of his very colourful stories, including, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Tiny Seed, The Very Busy Spider, and The Mixed Up Chameleon. We looked at how he uses colour and collage to create the images for his story books. Year 1 used tissue paper, colour, drawing and shapes to create their own caterpillars, flowers and butterflies.

William Morris

Year 5 have been studying the beautiful work of the Arts and Crafts designer William Morris. They looked at lots of examples of his work and how it was used in Victorian times and how it has influenced design and textiles today. They used water colour paints to create some patterns of their own paying close attention to the use of natural objects. These are the finished results.

Pop Art

Year 4 have spent this half term learning about the world of Pop Art, with a focus on the American Artist, Roy Lichtenstein. They looked at lots of images of his work and started to create a Pop Art background using line, limited primary colours and his famous Ben Day dots. The children then added a pencil sketch of their interpretation of Iron Man to go in the foreground. Here are the fantastic results!

Iron Man

Year 4 have started to read the story, Iron Man by Ted Hughes. Inspired by the illustrations in the book, the children used chalk and charcoal to create sketches which showed dark and light areas.

The illustrative world of Quentin Blake

Year two have begun their study of Quentin Blake a famous illustrator, who has not only illustrated his own books but also many stories by Roald Dahl . They kick started their learning with the story of Mrs Armitage on Wheels. The children had a look at Quentin working in his Artist's studio and they created some very beautiful sketches of Mrs Armitage using pen and water colour paints.Over the next few weeks they will be sharing different stories by Quentin Blake and studying his style of drawing.
Welcome back to another busy half term of creating wonderful art work.
Spring 2

Natural Disaster Carousels by year 5

Year 5 worked together in pairs to create their own natural disaster themed carousel. They made their own switch and circuit and fastened these to a fixed and rotating axle. They designed their carousels based on volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and typhoons. Well done year 5, you rose to the challenge!

Dragons by year 2

Year 2 have been learning about dragons. They found a dragon's egg in the playground outside. They imagined what the dragon would look like. They looked at lots of images of different dragons. From this they created some oil pastel drawings using shape, pattern and colour. These drawings were then used to create a dragon on a large scale.

Making a 3D dragon

Polar bear puppets by year 1

Year 4 adding the final touches to their sculptures inspired by Alberto Giacometti's 'Man Walking'.
Next, they used mod roc to create a figure with depth. They had to cover the wire using mod roc and smooth it to obtain their desired finish. 


Year 4 have been learning about different types of sculpture. They were inspired by Alberto Giacometti's 'Man Walking' to create some wire sculptures. Here are the results:

Spring 1
Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to another busy term in the Art room!We are looking forward to the year ahead, making lots of brilliant Art and learning new skills.
Spring 1
Finally, the year 1 children then used a polystyrene tile to create a series of block prints on different coloured pieces of paper. This type of printing enabled the children to make repeated prints of an image.
Next, year 1 used these drawings to form the basis of a monoprint (a single print) using a perspex screen, printing inks and a stick, the children drew into the ink very carefully focusing on line and pattern.

Printing by year 1

As part of their work on Victorians, year one were inspired by the very beautiful work of William Morris. They observed natural objects and created some stunning drawings of peacock feathers, leaves, pine cones, dried flowers and seed heads. They used felt tip pens to enhance the line and pattern found in these objects. Here are the results:

Block printing

Year 4 have been busy making their Greek Chitons ready for their Greek celebration day. They used their knowledge of Ancient Greek patterns to design a repeating pattern on a strip of paper. Next, they created a printing block using cardboard and art straws using their design. They then printed their pattern using their printing block on to fabric. 

Greek pots by Year 3 and 4

Clay pots

Following on from their observational drawings of Greek objects and vases the children have been very busy making a clay pot using the pinch pot method. The children practised their Greek patterns on paper before painting their pots in a terracotta colour and then adding the pattern using black. 

Ancient Greece

Year 3 and 4 have been learning about Ancient Greece. In the Art room they began by looking at a variety of ancient artefacts. In pairs, the children drew the objects on a large scale and used oil pastels in lots of bold colours to bring out the pattern and detail. Next, they studied Greek vases, learning about their purpose, shape and decorations. They drew them in pencil and then used black paint to show the line and detail in preparation for making their own vase using clay.

Aliens love underpants

Year 1 have been busy making aliens and underpants after reading the story Aliens Love Underpants and enjoying the illustrations. The children started out making aliens using different coloured shapes and adding other features using collage materials. To make the underpants, the children concentrated on using different types of line and filled in each section using bright colours and then defined them using black paint.

The city of Agrabar

Year 2 have been creating and building the city of Agrabar based on their learning in Literacy. They looked at Arabic architecture and focused on the patterns and colours in the buildings and their roofs. The children used oil pastels to bring out the lines and patterns. Next they created the night sky using Vincent Van Gogh's 'A Starry Night' as inspiration. The children painted on to tin foil using toothbrushes and combs to create a textured finish and a sense of movement in the sky.


We kick started the Autumn term by drawing the beautiful Sunflowers that were planted and grown by the children in summer. From year 1 to year 6 the children had the opportunity to observe and draw the sunflowers in their different stages of growth and decay. They used oil pastels to bring out the vivid colours of the petals, seed heads and stems.

Autumn 2017


Welcome back! This half term has been very busy in the Art room. Ms Franklin and Miss Webster have been working closely with children across KS1 and LKS2 developing their awareness of shape, line and colour. The children have produced some beautiful work and they should feel proud of the results.


Year 3 and 4 pencil cases

This term year 3 and 4 have been busy in the Art room sewing! They have designed and made pencil cases. They have had lots of practise at using running and blanket stitch. Here are some of our finished pencil cases:

Picasso faces


Year 1 and 2 have been learning to look at the world like Pablo Picasso - from lots of different perspectives. 

They have been creating Picasso style portraits and are now building some Funny Face Sculptures using plastic milk bottles and old newspapers! We can't wait to see how they turn out. 

It has been all about SCULPTURE in Year 5 and 6 this spring. We have looked at sculpture by Alexander Calder and by the Yorkshire born artist, Henry Moore. We have used a range of materials to create different styles of sculpture. Which do you prefer? 


Sculpture Gallery

4MG have been using watercolours and ink to create Jurassic landscapes - have a look at their wonderful work....

Spring Two is all about Sculpture in Year 5 and 6. 

We began by making small abstract paper sculptures to begin to think about form. 

Great Fire of London

We have completed our Great Fire of London collages in Year 1 and 2 - and we think they look fab!

What do you think?

We even collaged small people escaping from the fire on their Tudor boats....

Year 1 and 2SL have been using collage to create a large picture of The Great Fire of London. We have been exploring hot and cold colours in creating the 'fire' and 'River Thames' section of the big picture. 

Watch here for the final results....

As part of our printing topic, 6EH have been looking at positive and negative images. We made some Japenese style paper cuts exploring positive and negative shapes. We hope you like them...

Alice in Wonderland - 4RC

4RC have been studying Alice in Wonderland in their literacy. They asked to create some illustrations for their classroom so we looked at the pictures of the original illustrator, Sir John Tenniel. We worked very hard to produce our own versions using pen and watercolour - and are very proud of the results! 

These fantastic drawings were made by Jayden, Alister, Ayden and Alisina.

Happy New Year from The Art Room at Clapgate! 


This half term we are busy printing. We will be using British birds as our inspiration, so we hope to do a spot of twitching too! The children have started by collecting pictures and making sketches of birds which they will then turn into prints. 

Printing is a fantastic medium for creating quick and exciting results. We will be learning lots of different printing techniques including monoprinting, block printing and lino printing. We hope that some of the results will be sent home for Mother's Day presents too. 

Sketching birds


Abstract Art


This Autumn term, Key Stage Two have been learning about abstract art and looking at the work of some famous abstract artists. Year 5 and 6 have been listening to jazz music and painting like Kandinsky and Year 3 and 4 have been going round in circles, inspired by the work of Sonia and Robert Delauney. We have all been experimenting with colour mixing and painting techniques and learning about the colour wheel and the science of colour. It has been a busy few weeks - but we hope you like the results....

Autumn 2016


Welcome back to the Art Room! Miss Webster and Ms Franklin are very excited about the new term. Over the next few weeks, children across the school will be concentrating on developing their drawing skills. We will be using a variety of materials and investigating artists who use drawing in their practice.


Watch this space for amazing drawings to come!

Summer 2016


Year 5 and 6 have been learning all about the Pop Art Movement that happened in the USA and the UK in the 1960's. They learnt about two important Pop artists, Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein and made work in their style. We also created some superheroes in a 3D cityscape to tie in with our Superhero topic. Have a look at the gallery below!



Class 2HD have been learning all about animals. We borrowed a lot of stuffed animals from the Leeds Museum and made large drawings of them using pastels. We really concentrated on creating TEXTURE in our drawings.
We then used the shapes of the animals to make collages in the style of Eric Carle, illustrator of lots of books including The Hungry Caterpillar. Eric Carle paints the paper first and then cuts it up to make pictures. We used the same techniques. We hope you like them.
Year 4 have been learning about Ancient Greece. We borrowed some Greek artefacts from the Museum and used these to produce careful observational drawings. We explored the use of colour in our drawings.
Next Year 4 had a look at some replica Greek vases. They concentrated on the designs and purpose of the vase. They designed their own Greek vase and then made it using clay.

Making clay Greek vases

Bright Lights! Big City! 


In the second half of the Autumn term, Years 3 and 4 explored life in the city. They have created some fantastic drawings of the Leeds Skyline using the work of the Artist Lizzie Presst as inspiration. We compared the architecture of old and modern buildings - which do you prefer? 



Year 2SB created their own firm of architects 'Downtown and Co.'. They created their own designs for a new city after being commissioned by David Cameron himself. They used the work of Hundertwasser, a visionary artist and architect, as their inspiration. 


Year 5 explores Leeds City Art Gallery

Year 5 hits the British Art Show 


On Thursday 19th November the whole of Year 5 visited Leeds City Gallery for a tour of the British Art Show. We looked carefully at three pieces of work in this fantastic show of contemporary artist. The was a piece of art by Alexandre de Cunha made of mop heads and another by Stuart Whipps that included an old Mini Cooper. Some of the art we listened to or watch on a screen - and sometimes it happened all around us. We did lots of drawings and worked as Art Detectives in the gallery. All in all, we had a great time. 






 Year 6 Visit to the Art Gallery


On October 15th, Year 6 visited Leeds City Art Gallery to look at the British Art Show. The British Art Show happens every five years and brings together the most exciting art being produced now in the UK. It is great that this year, the Show is in Leeds. 

We had a tour of the gallery, and worked alongside Artists Nichola Pemberton and Lou Sumray making our own work in response to what we saw. 



After touring the exhibition we spent some time making large artwork together



We looked at some large and famous pieces of art in the Victorian gallery. We observed the emotions of the people in the paintings. Next we had to show their emotions through the use of our bodies. Carefully, we drew around each other on a large piece of paper which created some interesting shapes and overlapping layers. Next we talked about whether or not we liked the results. There were some interesting opinions!
We then had a look around the gallery spaces at some of the exhibits. We had lots to talk about! Some of the art was interactive and we had to listen carefully to a range of sounds and noises. We had to think about what emotions the sounds represented.
Finally, we used tape to represent the emotions of the sounds that we had heard in the gallery spaces. We had to work together to place the tape on to the large drawing,  making sure we went from one side of the paper to the other.
Creature Comforts - Year 4
Year 4 have been looking very closely at nature and their natural environment. They have completed some observational drawings of plants, leaves, flowers and other natural objects. They used pencil and chalk to create different effects. Here are some of their observations so far:

Next, they used some of the leaves to create a leaf relief print. They had to select a leaf of their choice, cover it with foil, rub the surface, spray paint the leaf and then use a fine wool to make the leaf reappear. While waiting for the spray paint to dry they created a bright background using different textures for their leaf relief to be mounted on. Here are some photos which show the different stages of work involved:


Work in progress:
The finished results:
Environmental Art
Following on from creating their leaf relief prints the children had a close look at the work of Environmental Artist, Andy Goldsworthy. We looked carefully at his use of natural objects, in particular leaves. We collected a variety of leaves and worked together in pairs to create Environmental Art. We experimented placing the leaves in different positions to make a variety of lines, shapes, colours and patterns. We hope you like them.
Following on from our Environmental Art we started to think about British Wildlife and which animals live outside. We used our observational drawing skills to sketch owls, foxes, hedgehogs and badgers. We were lucky enough to have a stuffed owl to look at and this helped us to include lots of detail in our drawings.
We started to think about where the British wildlife would live and decided to make some shelters for hedgehogs and insects. We used cardboard and folding techniques to create a strong structure which we have started to paint using camouflage colours. We worked in pairs and helped each other to create our structures.
Making British wildlife shelters

Gothic Victorians - Year 5

Year 5 have begun this half term with portrait drawing. They looked carefully in the mirror at their face and features. The children used measuring techniques to enable them to position their features in the correct place on their face. They had to look very carefully at all of the details on their face and draw them using pencil.


Next they looked at some examples of male and female Victorian portraits and used their drawing and measuring skills to draw them carefully using pencil and pastels. These drawings formed the basis of their Victorian clay portraits which you can see below:
Victorian Portraits
Victorian Clay Portraits



In early May, five children from Mr Robins' class planted some sunflower seeds and began to carefully nurture them in small pots in the classroom. By June, they were big enough to plant in the raised beds just outside the classroom window. We carried on watering them and keeping an eye on the - but then as the summer holidays came, we must admit...we all forgot about our sunflowers...

Imagine how delighted we were to discover what had happened over the long break! 



Sunflowers in Progress

We looked at Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers and decided to arrange our sunflowers in vases. Here are the results. We hope you like them.


The results!

Inspired by our beautiful sunflowers and the work of Vincent Van Gogh, we spent the first week in the art room drawing and painting sunflowers. Here is a selection of some of the wonderful work we have produced. A great start to the new year!