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Summer 2

World Cup Week in the Art room!

We kick started the World Cup with each class learning about a country from the tournament. Here is a selction of the Art work produced by different classes throughout school.

1GG looked at the work of a famous Artist called Georges Seurat who painted pictures of the Eiffel Tower using pointillism. Year 1 created the French flag and then placed the Eiffel Tower on top using pointillism. 
2SL looked at Egypt. We talked about Ancient Egypt and how the Pharoahs and Queens use to wear jewelled collars. Year 2 created their own versions of Egyptian collars.
5NB got in to the spirit of the Brazilian carnival! They created some fantastic Brazilian carnival masks using lots of colour and pattern.
From Russia with love! 4NW looked at the very beautiful and colourful St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. They created their own interpretations of the famous landmark using line, pattern and colour. 
2SO looked at Argentina. They created their own version of the Argentinian flag using paint and collage.
G'day mate! 3LB had a look at the traditional folk Art of Australia. They learnt about how the Aboriginal people used painting and drawing to tell their stories passed on by their ancestors. They then looked at more recent Art work from Australia and created some very colourful images of well known Australian animals.
Class 4CJ looked at Mexico with a focus on traditional tin art. The children made Hojalatas using tin foil and felt tip pens. They created a sun design and then transferred this image on to the foil and then added colour.