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Summer 2

Under the Sea




Welcome back! We hope you all had a fun-filled half term break and are ready for lots of learning. The theme of our learning adventure this half term is Under the Sea. We will open the topic by creating a mind map and asking the children what they already know about sea life and what they would like to find out. The children are going to learn lots of facts about many different animals including fish, turtles, whales and sharks. We will also find out about pirates, shipwrecks, mermaids and divers. We are planning a very exciting day out to the Sea Life Centre in Manchester to help us with our learning. We will confirm details for this at a later date.


Books your child will be focusing on this half term:

  • Rainbow Fish

  • Tiddler

  • Pirates love Underpants

  • Snail and the Whale

  • Commotion in the Ocean

  • Non-fiction ‘under the sea’ books


This half term your child will:

  • Continue learning how to add and subtract, using numbers 1-20

  • Consolidate 2D and 3D shape knowledge

  • Use books and the internet to find out facts about animals that live under the sea

  • Learn how to halve, share and double an amount

  • Learn how to look after animals and their habitats

  • Write and learn about pirates, mermaids and divers

  • Draw, paint and collage different sea creatures

  • Write about pirates

  • Role-play being under the sea

  • Learn about telling the truth

  • Learn about the seaside and how to look after ourselves in the sun

  • Continue to take care of their class allotment

The children thoroughly enjoyed their first day back after half term! We had a Creative Context day meaning the children kick started our Under the Sea learning adventure by making lots of lovely things to display in our classroom! They:


  • Made paper plate jelly fish
  • Made a giant Octopus using paper chains
  • Collaged sea creatures using tissue paper
  • Made seaweed by cutting out spirals using card
  • Painted and coloured in fish