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Summer 2

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!


This half term Year 3 will be going on an adventure to the coast. They will be looking at the different coastlines around the world, how they have differed over the years and how they differ depending on their location. In Year 3 this year the children are going to have the extremely exciting opportunity to visit Bridlington beach. On this visit they will be able to explore the coastline and even take a dip in the sea! The children will be comparing different seaside resorts and finding out more about what you can do at beaches such as: Scarborough, Lizards point and Robin Hoods Bay. The children will be able to have a chance to experiment and see the seriousness of coastal erosion. Stay tuned for pictures of our exciting topic. 

Peter Pan 

The book that we will be focusing our writing on this half term is Peter Pan. We will be looking at the beautiful illustrations that are in the books and the fantastic writing in order to inspire our own writing. The children will be designing their own treasure maps followed by instructions so that the other children around school can find the hidden treasure! We will be looking at the all mighty villain Captain Hook and persuading him to let us leave his ship! Not only that but we will have the opportunity to design our own Island based around Neverland. The children will be taking on lots of drama roles as the different characters of the book and have the chance to pretend they are pirates and mermaids trapped in Neverland. By the end of this half term we will be inviting parents to come to our pirate themed party where there will be lots of exciting activities available! Keep a close eye on our page to see our amazing adventures to Neverland.