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Summer 2


The children are learning all about Yorkshire this half term. We are concentrating on West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire. We are going to compare the two counties and understand the human and physical features of a city centre and a seaside. Alongside this, we are also looking at Dracula as it is based in Whitby. Take a look at our fantastic classroom!

To start with, Dracula came into Clapgate and bit me (Miss Brennan) he attacked me in the hall and left me for dead. The silly vampire left lots of clues and we knew exactly who it was. The children turned themselves into private investigators and wrote down a crime log so that they could take it to police station and find this mean man!  

After the investigation, we felt that the crime log wasn’t enough. We decided to create a wanted poster so that we could display it round school and make sure that he didn’t attack any of the innocent teachers again. The children described Dracula so well. Take a look at some of our work.   

Year 5 decided to make sure that they were fully understanding of what Yorkshire was. We used an atlas to identify the key cities and towns on a map. The children used clues to find where the different areas were. We then pretended that we were taking part in Tour De Yorkshire and went around the county to see all the different land uses it has to offer. The children had very tired legs after cycling all that way!

During the time, the weather in Leeds was ridiculous. We decided that with all this rain we needed to make Dracula a new raincoat. We had to look at a variety of materials to make sure we chose the comfiest, most practical but fashionable piece of material. The children tested out each of the materials and then designed what they wanted their cloaks to look like.

Dracula decided to head to Whitby and attack poor Lucy. We knew we had to get in touch with the infamous Doctor Van Helsing. We wrote a letter of persuasion to ask him to come and help us make Lucy better. He told us there was nothing he could do and she was going to have to die because she had been bitten by… a vampire!   

We continued to read the book of Dracula. We decided to act out the part where Jonathan finds out about Dracula being a vampire. The children acted out each of the scenes and then wrote a letter to their lovely fiancé Mina to tell her everything that had happened and warn her about what may be coming her way!  

This half term we decided to look at play scripts. The children acted out Lucy’s funeral and where we had to kill Lucy with a wooden stake. The children decided the main parts and the main information we needed to use. The children then looked at the layout and made sure that they followed the same rules. Have a look at our play scripts and try act them out yourselves at home!

On Monday 24th June, we started our sports week. We did lots of exciting activities. We had a football session with a professional coach! Went boxing, did some yoga, learnt to line dance, dressed up in real life fencing clothes and played lots of rounders! We also did quizzes, posters, designed our own sports kit and did lots of research about sport heroes. It was a fantastic week!