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Summer 2

We’re Going on a Summer Holiday!!


The children have worked really hard making exciting things to decorate our classroom with. 

During our final Learning Adventure, we will be learning about different types of holiday, how to stay safe in the sun, the changes in the world around us as we move into Summer and consolidating our mathematical knowledge.

WC 03/06/19

This week the children have been learning about how the seasons have changed from Spring to Summer and the different things that happen in the seasons. They have learnt that we are now in Summer and that it is important to stay safe in the sun. They have used the phonics knowledge to write about the different things to do to stay safe in the sun.

In maths, the children have been learning about patterns, they have been on a pattern hunt around the classroom and have created their own patterns using a variety of resources. They have also learnt about distance, and compared the distance that different cars travel.

The children have created their own piece of art for the end of year Art Show. They looked carefully at different flowers and chose which type of flower they wanted to paint. They shared their knowledge about flowers with the other children in the class.

The children have been on a Summer walk around school They have used their different senses to explore the environment. They have written about what they found.

WC 10/06/19


This week the children have been learning about the seaside. They have looked on a map of the UK and talked about the different ways they could get to the seaside; train, car, bus. We looked at pictures of Scarborough and thought about the different things they could do at the seaside; have an ice cream, dig in the sand, have an ice cream or eat fish and chips! They used their phonics knowledge to write their own lists. As an independent activity, the children looked at a picture of the seaside and wrote about what they could see.

In maths, the children have been learning about capacity. Barnaby Bear needed to know which container he could use to help him build the biggest sandcastle. The children used the sand in the sandpit to find out which containers had the biggest capacity. Some of the children thought that the tallest containers had the largest capacity and others thought the fattest ones did. They enjoyed pouring water from one to another to check their predictions. The children have also been consolidating their knowledge about weight using balance scales.

As part of our seaside week, the children have been programming the Beebots to collect different seaside objects. They have thought carefully about which direction the Beebot needed to travel in and which buttons they needed to press to make the Beebot get to where they wanted it to.

The children have learnt about which foods are healthy and unhealthy, they cut out and sorted foods into different groups.

“Apples are healthy.”
“Broccoli is healthy.”

“Water is good for you.”

WC 17/06/19

This week the children have been learning about camping, they have set up their own campsite where they have started a fire, set up a tent, cooked their own food and toasted marshmallows. They then wrote about what they needed to take camping with them.

In maths, the children have learnt about 1p, 2p and 5p. They have helped Barnaby bear to buy different items costing different amounts and had to work out which coins they needed to use. Some children were able to use different combinations of coins to make the same amount.

The children have been thinking about the wind this week, they have made their own wind wands to investigate and explore wind force and direction. They used different materials and attached them to a paper tube carefully to create the wind wand and went outside to see the effects of the wind on their wind wands.

The children have used different sized marshmallows and different coloured to paint to create patterns on paper. They have described their patterns to a grown up.

"It's a zig zag."
"It's a flower."

"It's big spot, little spot."
"This is my house."

WC 24/06/19

This week the children have been learning about Spain, they have learnt that the best way to travel to Spain is on an aeroplane. They put on their imagination hats and boarded the plane to Spain, they then walked around pretending that they were tourists and thinking about the different things they could do whilst they were there. They then wrote about some the things they could do.

In maths, the children have learnt addition, they have helped Barnaby Bear to work out how many different things he has done and seen on his holiday so that he can tell his friends all about his holiday to Spain when he gets home.

The children have been planting sunflowers this week, they have read and followed instructions and talked about the different things a plant needs to grow. They then worked hard to write a recount of planting their sunflower.

As part of Sport and Health week, the children have taken part in various sporting events and have made fruit skewers as part of learning about a healthy diet.

WC 01/07/19

This week the children have been learning about London, they have looked at its location on a map and thought about the best way to travel there. They put on their imagination hats and pretended they were in London, they got on a London bus and travelled around looking at the important landmarks such as; Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, The London Eye and Big Ben. They learnt lots of interesting facts about the different landmarks and enjoyed themselves on the city tour.  

In maths, the children have learnt about subtraction, they have used different resources to help them work out the answers to different worded problems. They were very good at working out the answers.

The children have been on a Rainbow Nature Hunt where they had to find different things to match the seven colours of the rainbow; they have made suncatchers using paper plates and tissue paper and they have made bubble wands which they tested using our very own bubble mixture!!

The children have had a fantastic time on their ‘Beach Day.’ They got themselves beach ready by putting on their swimming costumes, hat and sun cream. They spent time on the beach; building sandcastles, burying each other in the sand, playing with the beach balls and spending time in the paddling pool.

We had a special visit from Real Donkeys and the children enjoyed having a ride around the school field, we also had the opportunity to watch a Punch and Judy show.


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At the end of ‘Beach Day,’ the children worked really hard to take all the sand to the outdoor sandpit and water the plants with the water from the paddling pools.