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Summer 2

This half term we are learning about mountains! This was surprisingly fun topic to plan and we are looking forward to learning more. We will also be reading 'The Abominables'. This is a story about how a young girl looks after a family of orphaned yetis. To get started we will be welcoming the drama company 'Alive and Kicking' into school. 
We have begun learning about the seven summits. We needed to look at the different fact sheets and answer the questions. 
In geography, the children learned how to use atlases to look at physical features. They found the different mountains in the UK and then used different ways to represent them on a map. 

Year 4 were very welcoming to Alive and Kicking and they showed great enthusiasm when acting out the story. We finished our first session with a task: to help a young girl called Agatha make a decision about whether to face the dangers of the journey to find her family from the top of Eagle Mountain. 

When we returned next time, the children thought about how they could support the young girl and gave her advice about get through the different obstacles.