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Summer 1 Half- term

The Romans!

What a fantastic start to our new topic all about the Romans. We spent our first day of the new term preparing for our Roman battle. The children made some fantastic swords and shields to be used. The children thought about some tactics to use against 4NW and decided that it was a successful battle allowing us to conquer the field!

Roman Roads

What better way to recreate a Roman Road than with cake! 4CJ have looked at how the Roman roads were formed and the different layers used to make them strong. The children used biscuits, cake and cream to show the different layers. Once set, the children could see how the Romans made the roads strong enough to carry trade and supplies for the army. 

Roman Day

This Thursday we had an amazing day when we had a visit from Mad the Roman Soldier. It was a fantastic day and the children enjoyed hearing and finding facts about the Romans, completing a Roman Numerals task, marching in Roman Army formations and taking part in a chariot race. It was an exhaustingly, exciting day and the children were fantastic throughout. It was a fabulous way to end the topic about Romans and all the teaching staff were really impressed with the knowledge that the children could share based on what they have learned. 



The children are really becoming experts at decimals this half term. Some examples include comparing numbers (using less than and more than crocodiles) and used giant and pixie feet to see that a tenth is one whole split into ten equal parts. Take a look at what the children did in the photos below.

Poetry afternoon


The last 2 weeks have been all about poetry.  We have really enjoyed learning about and creating poems based on 'Dirty Beasts' and 'Revolting Rhymes' both by Ronald Daha.  The children have all been fabulous, completely engrossing themselves in the poems and creating some very witty and clever poems.  Many children volunteered to read their poems to parents and carers who attended our 'Three Little Pigs' afternoon. Thank you those who came,  and to those who couldn't make it please see the video below.