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Welcome to a lovely warm spring term! Hopefully we will get lots of time outside as we will be playing rounders every Friday - remember your P.E. kits! We have already made our classroom beautiful after a lot of creative work on Monday. We have also watched Gangsta Granny to prepare for our topic 'the secret lives of grannies!' We will be learning about the human life cycle and changes as we get older in our science linked to the topic. We are creating sneaky plans like Ben and Granny as well as adverts like Raj and his amazing deals! Throughout the half term we will be creating our own version of the song 'Grandma we love you' which we will share with you all, and hopefully a few grans and grandads, at our 'grandparent appreciation tea party' which will be in the last week of term. 

Ben's granny learns to be gangsta: Gangsta Granny Preview - BBC One Christmas 2013

A hint at the sorts of shenanigans we will be writing about.

Granny herself visited the class to let them question her for their biographies! She tried to wash a few children's faces with her tissue and spit routine, but other than that was very well behaved and helpful, not even a whiff of cabbage was smelt

St Winifreds School Choir - Theres No-One Quite Like Grandma

A hint of things to come! Obviously 5AS are just as angelic as this lot!