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Summer 1

Welcome back to another busy half term with lots of fantastic Art work happening throughout school!


Animals and minibeasts

Year 1 have been learning about animals and minibeasts. They kick started their learning by looking at African animals. They used oil pastels to blend sunset colours to create an African night sky. Next, they picked an African animal and used small black squares to create a silhouette of the animal and an Acacia tree. 

They then moved on to looking at minibeasts close up and drawing them carefully using oil pastels and good observational skills. Following on from this, the children used clay to make a snail. They had to learn how to soften and shape the clay before using scoring to make marks in the surface of the clay so that they could join the body with the shell. Next, they added texture using different clay tools. 

Hand Puppets

Year 2 read the story Monkey Puzzle. The children talked about the story and the illustrations. They picked an animal character from the story to design and make in to a hand puppet. They created a design and then used this design to make a puppet of a parrot, a monkey amd an elephant.

Venetian drawings and block prints

Year 3 have been looking at buildings from Venice. They noticed that the buildings were colourful with window shutters, small balconies and pretty roof tiles. They started to draw some Venetian buildings using oil pastels. Next they created a mono print and finally a block print using their original drawing as inspiration.

Ancient Rome

Year 4 have been learning about Ancient Rome. They drew the Colosseum using shading pencils. They looked carefully at the dark and light areas in their drawings. Next, they looked at different Roman columns and they noticed how decorative they were. They used charcoal and chalk  to show the decorative patterns and detail. Finally, the children looked at how the Romans used mosaic to decorate their homes and important buildings. They had a go at making a paper mosaic of a bird, fish and flower.


Year 5 have been reading the story of Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. They had to design and make a ballroom dancing costume for the main character Ben. The children worked with the theme of food and came up with some brilliant and fun designs. Here are the results: