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Summer 1


This half term we are learning about…

  • how to add and subtract, using a variety of different methods
  • 2D and 3D shapes and their properties
  • Distance and how we can measure it
  • How to tell the time using o’clock
  • How to order 2-3 items by weight and height
  • Our planet and the different planets in the solar system
  • Doubling, halving and sharing numbers
  • non-fiction texts and how to use them to retrieve information
  • what it would be like to live on Mars
  • what an astronaut does and how they survive in space
  • the sun, the moon and stars
  • how to write a non-fiction text


 The books we will be using are:

  • Aliens Love Underpants
  • The Man on the Moon
  • Whatever Next
  • The Dinosaur That Pooped a Planet


The children will be:

  • Creating their own planets using paper mache
  • Collaging a life size astronaut
  • Making moon rocks and ordering the weight of them
  • Writing planet fact files
  • Measuring how many footprint stars are from the moon
  • Taking part in a gravity explanation
  • Creating their own yummy star biscuits
  • making their own planet/ rocket as part of their homework project
  • labelling planets
  • writing a postcard from the moon
  • catching aliens from around the school grounds
  • role-playing in their own space station  


You can help your child at home by:

  • Listening to them read at home
  • Encouraging your child to practise ordering, recognising and writing numbers to 20
  • Encouraging your child to sound out words themselves when writing and encouraging them to write simple sentence independently
  • Helping your child to learn their tricky and high frequency words
  • Talking to your child about how we can find out information from the internet and books

The Classroom

The Letter from Tim...

This week learning has kicked off our new learning adventure of space. We received a letter on Monday morning from Tim the astronaut and he told us about the 20 aliens that have escaped from planet Mars. We have spent this week in astronaut training and our first mission was to collect the astronauts from around our school.

Next, we learnt lots about astronauts and what they do out in space. We also learnt about the international space centre. We then wrote all of our newly learnt facts down on paper and created some beautiful non-fiction writing. In maths this week we have learnt about distance and how to measure it. The children loved finding out how far way the stars were from the moon. Other activities this week have included using the internet and making star biscuits.

What did the aliens want?

This week we have found out what the aliens came to planet earth for. We found out that they wanted to steal our UNDERPANTS!

Following this, we decided to create the aliens lots of pairs on underpants for them to take back to Mars with them so that they no longer needed to steal from humans.  we designed them fist and then wrote about our designs. Tim the astronaut loved what we had done and we also spent some time teaching the aliens how to behave like us to keep them out of trouble.

In maths this week we have learnt how to order 2-3 items by height and we have been measuring the height of three different rockets using Unifix bricks. The children started to compare their results to make estimations.

Other activities this week have included; astronaut training in PE, designing and creating our own underpants and finishing our star biscuits.

Astronaut Training...

On Monday morning this week we found a postcard that had been sent to our classroom. The postcard was from our friend Tim the astronaut. He was saying thank you to us for catching all of the naughty aliens and he told us that we were ready to start our astronaut training. In PE this week, we learnt lots of vital astronaut skills and we practising taking our heavy space suits on and off. We had lots of fun and we observed the effects that exercise has on our body.


As part of our training, we had to learn lots of important information about space and the solar system. We loved doing this and we even created our own ‘space’ fact files. In maths this week, we helped Tim to weigh the different moon rocks that he has found and we talked about their weight and size. Other activities this week have included- making alien headbands and carrying out a gravity experiment.

A trip to the moon…

This week the children have been using their imaginations. On Monday morning the children found out that Max the bear had travelled to the moon over the weekend and we were very excited and wanted to travel there ourselves. We got ourselves ready and on Wednesday we set off. Once we arrived on the moon, we met a friend called Owl and we had a picnic together. We also wrote a postcard home for our grown-ups to read.

In maths this week, we have learnt to tell the time using o’clock and we planned out the different times that Max did things on his trip to space.


We have has lots of fun this week in Reception and we have loved the warm weather!

Space Showcase...





When we arrived in school on Monday morning the classroom  had been turned upside down. There was peas all over the floor and toilet paper had been thrown all over the place. We found a message on the board from the Evil Peas explaining that they had taken our construction bricks and we weren't sure why. The Peas said 'Supertato can't help you this time'.


We then did something into who 'Supertato' might be and what sort of person he could be. We decided that we thought he was superhero that was a potato. We said that he would be strong, kind, helpful and nice. We shouted his name really loud to see if he could hear us and we are hoping that he will come back to help us later in the week. 


In Maths this week the children have been consolidating their learning when doubling. Other activities this week have included superhero training and creating our own Supertato's to help save the day. 

The Allotment...