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Summer 1

Global Explorers...


Welcome back everybody! We hope you have had an amazing Easter break. We have a very busy half-term ahead of us and 2SO are very excited to get started on our new Learning Adventure... 'Global Explorers'.


We have already started to transform the classroom into our very own tropical world that we can explore. During this half term we will be learning all about different animals and where they live around the world. We are going to be studying the seven continents and five oceans of the world and will be creating our very own animal felt puppets!


Important dates this half-term...


Trip to Tropical World - Tuesday 8th May

SATs Week - Monday 21st - Thursday 24th May

Break up for half-term - Friday 25th May




It's a jungle in here!!


Today the children have been turning the classroom into their very own tropical world! After discovering where different animals lived around the world, the children chose their favourite one to add to our classroom environment. The children had a brilliant time making lions, tigers, monkeys, zebras, giraffes and cheetahs! 



Tropical World


This week we went on an adventure to Tropical World. Last week we prepared for our trip by writing lots of questions we wanted to ask when we got there.


After having a play in Roundhay Park, we explored Tropical world and discovered all of the animals that live in the rainforest. We were even able to spot the 'Save The Rainforest' posters around Tropical World and learned all about how we could help protect endangered species!


All of the exploring made our tummies very hungry, so we decided to have lunch in the gardens before having a final play in the park.


What a fantastic day we've had!






This half-term 2SO have been learning to use coding in ICT. Using the Scratch programme, the children have been able to create their own sprite character and change the way it looks, moves and sounds by using the appropriate coding! The children have developed their use of ICT skills through using Scratch and have really enjoyed using it.






This half-term the children have been learning all about plants. They have studied the different parts of a plant and what their various functions are. After learning about what plants need to grow and survive, it was 2SO's turn to plant their own seeds and create a CressHead!

After planting their cress seeds, the children wrote their own set of instructions to teach Year 1 how to make their very own CressHeads.

Over the next few weeks the children will be observing how their seeds grow.




It's a puppet show!


This half-term the children have designed and created their very own animal felt puppets! They cut out their chosen animal shape and, using a needle and thread, the children sewed coloured patches together to make their puppets. 

2SO have worked super hard on their puppets working on their fine motor skills to thread the cotton through the eye of a needle and carefully sew each part of their puppet together. What fantastic results for all of their hard work!




Zoo Lab


Today we had some special visitors in 2SO. We were very excited to get up close and personal with some of the Zoo Labs tropical creatures from different rainforests all over the world. 


Some of the children felt a little nervous at first, but after a short while found their confidence and some of them felt brave enough to hold some of the animals. 


We learnt all about the different habitats of each animal and what they needed to survive in the wild. 



Pyjama Party


After all of their hard work, we felt 2SO needed a special treat! To say a huge well done to all of the children, we invited them to a pyjama party on the final day of half-term. The children dressed in their comfiest pyjamas and brought slippers, blankets, pillows and teddies so they could get cosy. 


We watched 'Matilda' and played lots of different party games including pass the parcel and musical statues!


Well done 2SO, I am super proud of all of you!