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Summer 1

Hi everyone.


Welcome back to the first part of the summer term. I hope you have had a brilliant Easter  holiday and a good rest . Last half term was very busy with some stunning art work taking place in the art room. Have a look at Spring 2 to see some of the amazing art work created your fantastic children.


This half term we have lots to look forward to, including getting ready for the end of year Art Show. In July, we are hoping to showcase the brilliant art work of all the children at Clapgate in the main school  hall. Each child will be represented by a piece of art work from this academic year from nursery all the way up to year 6. Watch this space!


Finally, if you use Instagram, you can also follow the brilliant art work that the children create by accessing Primary Art Room. Belle Isle on Instagram. This is updated regularly.


Thanks for your support and here's to another busy half term full of incredible art work.

Year 1

Year 1 have been finding out about African safari animals. They have designed  a finger puppet based on an animal that you would see on safari. They drew their design carefully and then thought about what materials they would need to make it. The children had to sew the front and back of their puppet together and then add features. Here are some of the elephants designed by year 1. Their little fingers have been working very hard! Well done everybody! 

Year 2

Year 2 have been looking at British wildlife this half term. They have done some observational drawings using chalk pastels. They will use these drawings to create a block print. 

Year 3

Walk like an Egyptian...

Year 3 have begun their learning adventure by looking at how the Ancient Egyptians used a cartouche and hieroglyphics to embellish and decorate death masks and sarcophagi in preparation for the after life. 


The children created their own cartouche and used hieroglyphics to spell out their initials or name. They used oil and chalk pastels to create an aged look. Here they are:

The children have been working hard to create an Egyptian portrait. They used some portrait guide lines to help them place and draw the features on to the portrait. Next, they used shading to create a three dimensional effect, creating darker areas on the face around the nose and jaw line. Finally, they added some heavy eye make up using black oil pastels to complete the Egyptian look.
Next, the children started to use torn paper of different colours and patterns to create the Egyptian death mask. Here they are at the beginning stages. Watch this space!

Year 4

Year 4 have been learning how to print this half term. They used hieroglyphics to create a simple design. They drew their design first and then transferred their design on to a square of cardboard. Next, they used art straws to create their design in three dimension. They then had a practise at printing on a piece of paper before printing on to fabric. Here are the results: