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Summer 1


We began our learning adventure about the jungle on Monday. We worked really hard to create lots of different things to decorate our classroom with to make it look and feel like a real jungle. The children created a jungle role play complete with its own waterfall, paper chain snakes, jungle vines, collages of different jungle animals and a small world jungle tuff spot.

In literacy this week, the children shared their current knowledge about the jungle such as; the animals, the weather and the vegetation. We are looking forward to increasing our knowledge about the jungle in the weeks to come.

We received a letter from a jungle ranger who was having trouble keeping the jungle animals in check, the children thought about the different jobs that a jungle ranger might do to look after the animals and the jungle.

In maths the children have learnt about the number 15. They have tried really hard to share 15 between 2 but realised that they couldn’t do this so tried to share between 3 instead which they managed. The children used different methods to share the 15 counters out equally. The children have also been learning about subtraction – the jungle animals were provided with some leaves to eat and when they had eaten a few of their leaves the children had to count carefully to see how many leaves were left. The children worked really hard to make sure they were counting using 1:1 correspondence.

The children have made some lovely cards this week, they had a choice of designs and they used different techniques to create their cards.

WC 22/4/19

The children came into the classroom this week, and heard a jungle sound scape playing. They were encouraged to close their eyes and think about the different sounds they could hear. The children then worked in groups to create the different noises in the jungle using their voices and different instruments.

The children then imagined that they were in the jungle and wrote about what they could see and hear using their phonics knowledge.

In maths, the children have learnt about the number 16, they have learnt that it is can be made up using different combinations of numbers. They have learnt that the 1 represents one 10 and the 6 represents six 1’s. The children worked hard to help the jungle ranger share his 16 animals between 2, 3 and 4 animal pens. They had some really good methods of sharing and, after a few attempts, they realised that they could not share the animals fairly between 3 pens!!

The children have learnt about 3D shapes. They have talked about the properties of the different shapes and whether they roll or not. The children went on a 3D shape hunt around the classroom and found different everyday they discussed which 3D shape they thought their object was and tried to use the correct mathematical language to describe their shape.

“A cone is like an ice cream”

“A cone is like a party hat. I’ve got a cone.”

“It’s got 6 sides like a cube.”

“A cuboid is like my drawers at home.”

“My apple is a sphere.”

The children have learnt about the how the animals in the jungle protect themselves from predators or how they sneak up on their prey using camouflage. They had to carefully look at the different animal skins and label them with the correct animal.

WC 29/4/19

We went on our own jungle adventure this week. The children put their imagination caps on and went into the school ‘jungle.’ They saw tigers, parrots, monkeys, leopards and cheetahs. The made sure that they walked quietly through the jungle so they didn’t scare the animals. The children then wrote about the different things they would take with them on a jungle adventure.

In maths, the children have learnt about the number 17, they have learnt that it is can be made up using different combinations of numbers. They have learnt that the 1 represents one 10 and the 7 represents seven 1’s. The children worked hard to help the jungle ranger count how many animals there were in the jungle pens.

The children have talked to their friends about their favourite jungle animal. They discussed the different features of the animals and talked about why they liked the animals.


The children made their own paper plate snakes, they mixed different powder paints together to make the right colour for their snake When the paint had dried, they carefully used scissors to cut their snake shape. They then added eyes.

WC 06/05/19


This week the children have worked really hard to help the jungle ranger. They received an e-mail telling them that he had lost his jungle animal information books and was wondering whether the children would be able to help his by writing facts that they knew about different jungle animals.

They went on a fact hunt around the classroom and matched them to the different animals.

In maths, the children needed to help the jungle ranger to work out how many bags of food he needed to feed different animals. The children listened carefully to which animals needed feeding and then used resources to work out how many bags of food were needed altogether.

The children have explored a jungle tuff spot, they shared their knowledge of different animals and what they knew about the jungle.

The children have used the laptops to draw their own jungle animals. They looked carefully at the different jungle animals and thought carefully about the shapes and colours they needed to create a good representation. Some of the children found the challenge tricky as they had not used a laptop before but they persevered.

The children have used the balance scales to work out which jungle animals’ food weighs the most. The children talked about what would happen when the different foods were put into the two sides of the balance scales.

"The heavy side will go down."

"When there's nothing in they balance."

W/C 13/05/19

The children have had a very busy week this week, they have completed all their independent challenges, worked hard with the teaching assistants, sung songs with the music teacher and run their daily mile! Phew!!


The children have been comparing farm and jungle animals; they have talked about the different features of the animals and what they eat.

“A cheetah has spots, runs fast.”

“Giraffes eat leaves.”

“Tigers have stripes, they live in the jungle.”

“A farms got grass and a house and a jungle doesn’t”

“Cheetah can roar and can run fast and it can scratch.”


The children helped the jungle ranger to order numbers from 0-20, they worked hard to work out one more and one less than a given number too.

The children have looked through their previous Learning Adventure books and talked about the things they liked doing and the things they can do now that they couldn’t when they joined Reception.

“I know a square has four sides, I didn’t when I started.”

“My writing is getting better.”

“I liked the teddy bears picnic.”

The children have been learning about the importance of staying healthy in both body and mind. We talked about exercise and the effect it has on their bodies. The children learnt about the Chinese game ‘Catch the Dragon’ and even had a go at playing it!!

The children completed an obstacle course to raise money as part of the Marathon in May. They had cones, hoops and hurdles to negotiate.

In our final week of our Jungle Learning Adventure, the children have learnt about the different jungles around the world and where they are located. The children thought carefully about the different ways animals were able to survive in the jungle and they used their phonics knowledge to write about this.

The children have really enjoyed learning about the jungle, they have been creating their own jungle animal masks, painting leopards with 20 spots and measuring the height of different jungle animals.

We had our parental involvement activity this week, our grown ups came into the classroom and helped the children to make their own animal hand puppet.