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Summer 1

Walk like an Egyptian!


This half term we're going back in time to Ancient Egypt!

The Pharaoh told us that someone had stolen his valuable items! He sent us to go and look for them and retrieve them. 

We had to dig through the sand to find the artefacts. We then examined the artefacts and began to understand what they were used for and why they were important!

We had an amazing day when Portals to the past came in. We held some real ancient artefacts (and luckily avoided any curses!) and learnt all about the process of mummification! We played an Egyptian game called Hounds and Jackals, and did an Egyptian quiz!

We have been looking at a book called Egyptian Cinderella which is about a girl called Rhodopis who has been kidnapped by Egyptians and forced to be a slave!

Luckily, her master is kind and gifts her a new pair of shoes after he sees her dancing. These shoes are then stolen by the God Horus! He took the shoe and dropped it into the Pharaoh's lap.

The pharaoh wrote a letter of invitation to all the maidens in Egypt, inviting them to a party. He wanted them to try on the shoe because he felt that whoever it fit would be his wife.

We were poets this week in year 4! We wrote a love poem to perform at the wedding of Rhodopis and the Pharaoh!


We have been mummifying dead bodies! (tomatoes!) 

We had to go through the process to prepare our body and take out it's organs!

We then wrote instructions so other people can mummify dead bodies also.

This week, the pharaoh has given us a long list of jobs to do! One of his family members has died and we had to prepare the body and bury him in a pyramid, which we also had to design! We had to create a sarcophagus for the pharaoh and write a persuasive leaflet to sell it to him. Then, he demanded that we make some fetirs, which are traditional sweet Egyptian pancakes! We are so tired after all this!
We've been learning all about Egyptian Gods! We played a card game and tried to collect all of our gods. We then thought about what these gods might write on a modern day social media profile! We had fun thinking about what activities they might do and what subjects they would enjoy. 
We have made our documentary this week, ready to show off!