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Summer 1

Welcome back to the start of the summer term! We hope you all had a fun-filled break. This half term, we will be basing our learning adventure ‘Down in the jungle’.

We will be learning all about what a jungle ranger does and helping them to look after and care for the jungle animals! We will use our imaginations to go to the jungle, describe what it was like there and learn lots of new information about jungle animals. We will then be transforming our classroom into our very own jungle.


Current Learning Adventure

Down in the jungle


This half term we are learning about…

· What different animal patterns and prints look like and matching them up to the correct animals

· What a jungle is, where you might find a jungle and what you might see, hear, and feel there

· The role of a jungle ranger, what they wear and what equipment they need

· How to draw a jungle animal

· How to sort animal footprints according to their shape, size, colour and number of toes

· Getting ready for a trip to the jungle and organising what we would need to take with us

· Sorting and grouping animals according to their features

· Counting how many animals there are in adding and taking away stories


The books we will be using are:


  • Rumble in the jungle
  • Tiger who came to tea
  • Dear zoo
  • Monkey puzzle
  • Elmer


The children will be:

  • Matching animals to the correct animal print patterns
  • Going to a jungle, looking at what they can see and listening to what they can hear
  • Dressing up as a jungle ranger and talking about what equipment they need
  • Drawing a jungle animal, describing it and talking about the features of their chosen animal
  • Sorting animal footprints into groups talking about what each footprint needs to have to be in each of the groups
  • Sorting jungle animals into groups according to whether they have fur, scales, feathers, wings etc.
  • Listening to animal stories and counting how many there are if one is added or taken away.


You can help your child at home by:

  • Helping your child to identify their name and attempt to write it
  • Helping your child to count objects by putting them in a row and touching each one as they count
  • Reading a variety of books to your child and looking at the pictures together
  • Helping your child to count actions such as counting whilst climbing steps, counting claps and jumps etc.
  • Singing a variety of number rhymes and nursery rhymes

Week 1

This week the children found out all about Easter and how it is celebrated. They watched a video clip of children preparing at home for Easter and talked about their own Easter celebrations. The children listened to the Easter story and thought about why hot cross buns are special at this time of year. The children enjoyed singing the song hot cross buns and were very excited to make their own Easter basket ready for the Easter bunny to fill up with chocolate eggs!

Week 2

This week the children entered the classroom to discover a safari jeep in the classroom! The children explored the jeep and discovered a letter attached. The children found out that the letter was from Sam, a jungle ranger, and he needed the children’s help help look after and control the naughty animals in the jungle.


The children thought carefully about what a jungle is, what a jungle looks like, what sounds you would hear and what the weather might be like there.


The children had lots of fun sorting the jungle animals into groups according to their features. They talked about which animals were in each group and tried hard to explain their ideas.

Week 3

This week in nursery the children found out that jungle ranger Sam was feeling poorly and needed some help to look after the animals in the jungle. We decided to on an adventure to the jungle to see if we can see or hear any of the jungle animals that we have been thinking about.


The children thought carefully about what we might need to take with us on our jungle journey. We then made a list together of all of the things we would pack into our rucksacks and put on.


Once the children had put on their shorts, boots, t-shirt, waistcoat and hat we set off! We used all of our senses, drew pictures of what we saw and took photographs too!


Walking Through The Jungle...

The children looked carefully at the animal patterns, describing them and then matching up the animals to the corresponding animal print.

Week 4

This week in nursery the children received a phone call from the jungle ranger telling them that he was very upset. He had lost his animal information books! He told the children that he was very busy and asked them if they could help him by finding out lots of information about the different jungle animals.


The children were very excited to follow the animal footprints and follow the trail of animal facts. The children thought about where the animal facts were, describing their position and were very keen to match up the animal facts to the corresponding animal pictures on the carpet.


The children then made up some number stories using the jungle animals. They practised counting the animals, thinking about how many they had in total and then how many they had when another group was put together. They thought about whether two groups made a larger or smaller group and recounted the total number of animals. The children showed the number using their fingers, found the numeral on a number track and looked for the matching numicon plate too!



The children made up their own jungle animal stories using numbers. They practised their counting skills and added two groups together.

Week 5

This week in nursery the children found out that jungle ranger Sam saw the most extraordinary sight in the jungle over the weekend! An elephant parade! The children listened carefully to the story of Elmer and thought about why Elmer as different, whether or not he wanted to be different and how he felt about being different to all of the other elephants in the herd.


The children described the patterns they could see on the elephants and thought about which one they liked and why.


The children then thought abut how they were all different to each other.

Week 6

This week in Nursery, Jungle Ranger Sam was poorly! He asked the children if they could look at all of the different jungles on a world map and think about how they might travel there. The children used their Imagineering skills to board an aeroplane and fly across the world to the jungle! They thought about what the animals need in the jungle to survive and drew pictures of all of these things.

The children then went outside to complete a jungle obstacle course which involved moving in lots of different ways! They particularly enjoyed crawling through the ‘bushes’!

The children were also very excited that parents were coming into Nursery to help them make their very own jungle shoe boxes! They looked fantastic and the children had lots of really good ideas!

Then the children practised their counting skills, thinking about which group of animals had more and which had less. The children put the animals in a line to count and check their work and thought about which number was bigger and smaller. They used their fingers to represent each of the numbers that they had counted.