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Summer 1

Ey up its West Yorkshire

Our learning adventure this half term is based on West Yorkshire. This topic will be a great opportunity for the children to learn about the county which they live in. We have planned lots of fun activities that will provide the children with all there is to know about West Yorkshire. 


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We will also have a learning adventure in our writing lessons. Our work will be based on the mysterious but heart felt story of Clockwork. This story is set in a small town in Germany where a young boy is given a clockwork heart. The children will have plenty of opportunity for some fantastic pieces of writing this half term.


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In Writing the children will: 

  • Write a setting description based on the setting of the book- Glockenheim.
  • Create a figure for a cuckoo clock and write a persuasive advert to sell the figure to a clock maker.
  • Write character descriptions for the main characters in the story.
  • Plan and write their own endings to the story.
  • Write a newspaper article about the birth of a Prince.
  • Write diary entries in the role of various characters at different points in the story


As part of our learning adventure the children will: 

  • Study Henry Moore and Barbra Hepworth and recreate their own artwork based on these artists.  
  • Design and make their own Yorkshire pudding as part of a Bake Off competition.
  • Locate human and physical features of West Yorkshire on a map.
  • Study Middleton and explore how land use has changed over time.
  • Redesign an area of West Yorkshire.
  • Create a menu that contains typical Yorkshire food.

In Writing we have been linking our work to a book called 'Clockwork'. This was a very interesting book that gave us lots of opportunity for writing. We found out lots about the different characters and used this information imagine we were the characters. We have written diary entries, newspaper articles, balanced arguments and many other things. We hope you enjoy reading them!

In Geography we have been learning about West Yorkshire. We have been really busy creating maps to show the different towns and cities in West Yorkshire, as well as famous landmarks. As well as looking at the local area we also located different counties and towns in the UK in order for us to understand where we were in relation to other parts of the country. 

We have also looked closely at how land use in the local area has changed over time. We studied a map from 1949 and a map from today. We then made comparisons of the land usage in the local area. 

As part of our geography work, we spent a lesson outside doing orienteering. This required us to use a compass to locate different checkpoints around the playground. Each checkpoint had a set of instructions to locate the next one. At each checkpoint we had to collect a piece of card. We used the 8 points on a compass to help us locate each checkpoint.

Design Technology

In DT we have been learning how to make the perfect Yorkshire Pudding. We followed a recipe by Jamie Oliver and then wrote our own set of instructions for making a Yorkshire Pudding. Most of us were very successful. 


What materials reflect light? 


In Science we are learning about light. So far we have found out that light travels in straight lines. We have also explored different materials to try and find out the properties of materials that reflect light. We also managed to explain why light reflects. During this experiment we were given different materials which we had to use to see if we could get the light from a torch to reflect and reach a target. We found out that mirrors and other shiny materials reflected light. Also dull solids such as plastic did not reflect light, they blocked it and caused shadows. 

Religious Education

During R.E. we have been finding out how the choices we make, can have a positive or negative influence on our lives. We have discussed issues surrounding war and why this is something that occurs in the world. We have also been finding out about  Muslim's, and what they believe living a good life means. We have sketched and annotated drawing of Muslim's to show what we have found out. 


In a Science lesson we found out that light travels in straight lines. We used a torch and 3 pieces of card with holes pierced through the middle. We found that the light only went directly through each hole and it could not bend. 

Also we have learnt how we see things. We found out that a light source shines onto an object, the object is then reflected into our eye, which is then transmitted to our brains (upside down) and finally nerves in our brain turn the image the correct way up. 

Friday projects

As part of one of our Friday project sessions we had to create and perform raps about West Yorkshire. Some of use created raps linked to Leeds United football club and some of us created raps about our local area. 

Design Technology

During an afternoon we invited our parents into school to design and make a show stopper Yorkshire Pudding. We had lots of fun creating sweet and savoury Yorkshire Puddings. We were given a range of ingredients and had to be as creative as possible to win a prize for the best Yorkshire Pudding.