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Summer 1



Year 3's topic this half term is All Around The World. We will be looking closely at the countries and continents around the world and their similarities and differences. We will also be looking very closely at the different landmarks of Brazil, France, America and Italy. At the end of the topic the children will be inviting their parents and carers in to have the opportunity to buy some food from those chosen countries. This will be a part of our enterprise focus where children understand the value of money! The children will be able to identify where we live on a world map and see the distance to other countries around the world. 

During this topic the children will be writing based on different books about the world. The first book we looked at was Meerkat Mail. The children really enjoyed following Sunny on his adventure to all of the different places. The children took their own trip to the Kalahari Desert in a Jeep to identify any animals they could see on their travels. The children loved pretending their were in a boiling hot desert with zebras, giraffes and other beautiful animals! The children also thought about what we would need to take in our suitcase when travelling to different parts of the world and why. We all chose a place to visit and packed suitable clothes so we would have a safe and enjoyable holiday! :) 


Where would you like to go in the world?

The second book we have based our writing on this half term was Journey by Aaron Becker. This was a beautiful picture book where the children were able to use their own imagination to decide where the girl was heading on her next adventure and why. If you would like to have a look at the video of the book, please click on the link below. 


Whilst looking at this book the children have been on many adventures themselves and provided fantastic writing. They have designed their own "City on the water" where they wrote a setting description about what they saw and how their city looked. The children have had the chance to design their own travelling machine and sell their ideas to our own dragon den judges! The children were brilliant! They then wrote their own instructions of how to work the machine so that they whole class could take a trip into the travelling machine to our next destination. 

3LB having been looking closely at the human and physical features of different cities. We have been looking at how this compare to England. Children are extremely excited to have the chance to research and find out more about different cities. The children are doing this is learning adventure lessons through, art work, computing and using their geography skills. 








Parent afternoon

In Math this half term we have been looking at money and statistics.


We have been going through a series of lessons that helps us to find change, add amounts of money together and finding differences of amounts. The children have loved being able to use the play money to work out different problems. They have been fantastic at working out how much money we will need to buy certain items and what would be the best notes and coins to choose from. 


When looking at statistics the children have looked at pictographs, bar graphs, tally's and tables. They have been able to recognise the differences between them and why we have so many different types. The children have enjoyed being able to read information and answer questions about them. The children have been collecting their own information and turning them into a bar graph. 

Collecting information