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Summer 1

Welcome back to 3SM in the first of our summer terms. 


We have an excellent topic this half term, entitled 'Around the World'.  We will use the books, Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett and Journey by Aaron Becker to inspire our learning and motivate us to write creatively.  The countries we will focus on are USA, Italy, France and Brazil.  We'll be inventing  travel machines, writing postcards, designing healthy burgers, drawing silhouette skylines and making Brazilian carnival head dresses.  What a busy half term!


We are very proud of our meerkats.  They are following their motto: 

Stay Safe, Stay together!

Our reading of 'Journey' prompted us to look at cities on water.  Having identified some landmarks of Venice we were inspired to create these lovely silhouettes of a city skyline.
In science we have been learning about rocks.  To start off we did a rock trail around school, looking for rocks and making notes about their texture, their appearance and any other features that we noticed.  Look at the pictures below to see what we found.

We learned about the three different types of rock (igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary) using chocolate chips.  We bashed them to reduce them to sediment (sedimentary rock) and heated them in water so they got warm (igneous).

It was loud, but great fun!

We love our Burn2Learn sessions -  parts of the lesson where we get up and get active in our learning.  Below are pictures of us writing about the meanings of words in our reading lesson.