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Spring Term 2 To Cair Paravel

To Cair Paravel


Welcome back everyone after a well-earned half term break.

The children have come back full of beans and are ready to march onto Cair Paravel with Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter.


We left the story last half term where Peter had been tricked to go to the White Witch but we realised this was a mistake. Lucy, along with Susan and Edmund, were taken my Mr and Mrs Beaver to meet the great Aslan. As they went on their journey, the weather began to change from icy snow to warm, green fields, showing the powers of the witch beginning to diminish.


Keep visiting to see how the sons and daughters of Aslan, along with ourselves get on this term.

The Arrival of Spring

As we read more of the story, we decided that we wanted to show the difference in the climate of Narnia our own classroom so we started to create some lovely spring flowers using tissue paper to replace our icicles hanging from the ceiling. 

Aslan's Camp

After reading the next section of the book, we watched a short clip from the movie as the children are taken through the camp towards Aslan's tent. We discussed the different characters in the camp and looked at images of them. We thought of as many adjectives to describe their features and following this, we wrote some setting descriptions. Below are some examples of our final, edited pieces of work.


We looked at images of Aslan and discussed him as a character, not just what he looked like but also what type of character he is. We thought of adjectives then tried to think of synonyms to these to begin to use really powerful ones to improve our sentences. In pairs we then labelled the parts of a lion and put all these elements together to write some fabulous descriptions of Aslan.


To celebrate World Book Day 2020, we were welcomed with a 'book path' when we waled into our classroom. This showed us some of the books we have in our classroom so we were allowed to walked around it and choose a book to read, either on our own or with friends. It was really nice being given time to enjoy books without having to worry about answering questions.

Following this, Mr Robins asked us to put the books in order of size and then asked us to find the length and width of the books so we set about measuring them in centimetres, using our rulers. We tried to bet other groups to measure the most - it was great fun!