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Spring Term 2

Nursery - Phonics with the boomwhackers

In Nursery the children were very excited to explore using the boomwhackers! They had lots of fun exploring loud and quiet sounds, fast and slow sounds and even using them to syllable clap each of the children's names in the class.


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I asked the children to work in groups to compose their own piece of music using the boomwhackers. First, everyone had a go and then they performed to each other and we offered them one compliment and one suggestion of how to make it better. I then said I wanted each group to make sure it had a clear ending that was different to the rest of the piece. Here is an example of one of the groups, please check out the 2DP class page to see more!

Steel Pans 6NW

In Music 6NW have been learning how to play the steel pans. This has been a musical instrument that the children have loved playing! They have learnt how to change pitch and volume on a steel pan as well as various different notes. 

6NW- Viking Rock song

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6LJ Steel Pans

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Class 2SL have been using the Boomwhackers to play the tune of Frere Jacques.  We're working towards being able to play in rounds.  We love it!


Mr Robins came into our class to join in with our music lesson. We started off listening to a really lively piece of music that made us feel really happy - some of us started dancing and we all pretended to play the instruments we could hear. Even Mr Robins joined in playing some imaginary drums.


After moving to some rhythm games on Charanga, we copied Miss Heszelgraves who tested us on copying her clapping rhythms. Some of them were really hard.


We even had time to get the boomwhackers out and once Mr Robins had told us that the bigger the tube, the lower the sound, we tried to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Here is the video below. We hope you enjoy listening to it. 

Year 1 Rhythm Games

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Year 1 Rhythm Games 2

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1GH Boomwhackers

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