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Spring Term 1 Through the Wardrobe

Through the Wardrobe

3Welcome back everyone. May I start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and I, along with everyone in 6AR, hope 2020 is a very happy one for you.

Our writing focus this term will be based around the fabulous C. S. Lewis book The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.

We will be writing a range of texts, including descriptions, recounts, poems and letters so we hope you come back to see what we are up to. 

Creative Curriculum Morning

At the start of our creative curriculum morning, Mr Robins read the start of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to us. We discussed what it must have been like to be evacuated from a major city during the war. To help us understand a little better, we completed our own evacuation labels and added some additional information inside them for the adults who we would be living with.

After we completed our labels we discussed how we could make our room look like Narnia so we decided to make icicles and snowflakes to hang from the ceiling.

We also found images of the key characters from the story and with the help of the adults, we drew and painted these for our displays. Some children completed a steam engine and some carriages to go on our display outside the classroom.

Finally, we made both our doors look like the wardrobe, adding clothes and things at the bottom of the wardrobe, before Myleigh completed a superb image of Aslan to go above it. We hope you like our creative room. 

Letters Home

To link with our evacuation labels, we tried to imagine what the journey would have been like to our new destination. W watched the start of the film where the children say their goodbyes at the station and then arrive at the professor's house. We thought about what we would have seen and our feelings and then wrote some letters home to our parents.

Lucy Discovers Narnia

Some of the images above also include examples of our next writing task - to write what Lucy saw and felt as she entered the wardrobe for the first time.

We completed a planning sheet that included what she saw, smelt, touched and her feelings. To help with this, we went outside and went in amongst the trees, touching and smelling them and we came up with some great words.

Back in class we used these to help create a shared piece of writing describing her journey into Narnia. We really tried to impress Mr Robins as our focus for the session was challenging ourselves so we tried to add our own expanded noun phrases and extend our sentence endings. You may also notice we tried to start our sentences with some fronted adverbials. 


In Maths we are focusing on multiplication and division with 2, 3 and 4-digit numbers. We have been working on partitioning the large numbers using Base 10 material to help us multiply or divide them. We love working in our own books and trying to keep our work nice and neat, but we also enjoy it when Mr Robins lets us work in pairs and do our working out on whiteboards. Below are some images of us during our Maths lessons.

Descriptive Poems

We thought about poems and discussed that the poems we like are ones that have rhyming words at the end of each lines.

We then listed everything that Lucy saw the first time she stepped into Narnia. We then added 2 adjectives before each of these things and then Mr Robins showed us how to put these into a sentence, ending with an adverb (an ly word).

Using the list of items and a list of adverbs, we then put together our own sentences to create what we think are some really descriptive poems about Narnia. Below are some examples. We Hope you enjoy them.

Dialogue Between Characters

We watched a short clip of when Lucy Mr Tumnus. Using a large planning sheet, we then wrote what the characters said to each other inside their speech bubbles.

Mr Robins showed us how to change the words inside the bubbles to sentences that include speech marks. Mr Robins was really firm and told us we could only use the word said once so we had to think of alternative words. Below are just a few examples of these pieces of writing.

Wow Reading Lessons

As well as our usual reading lessons, where we focus on improving our reading comprehension skills, we also do special reading lessons where we do something different. We have created characters out of clay, painted scenes from stories and performed different poems.

One of our focus texts is Macbeth and this week we did some drama. We listened to the extract where Macbeth is persuaded by Lady Macbeth to kill King Duncan and were then put into groups where we acted out the scene, including the guards.

After just 20 minutes rehearsal, we watched each group's performance as as you can see below, we loved performing. We even discussed elements of performing, including speaking clearly, freeze frames and always knowing where your audience is. 

Macbeth Kills Duncan - Wow Reading Lesson

Still image for this video

Maths Word Problems

We have been working on mathematical word problems this week. In pairs, we read the problems and highlighted the key information so we knew what type of calculation we needed to do to help solve it. We then used peg boards and counters to create arrays to help us understand what the questions were asking. We enjoyed working in pairs and using the equipment.

Editing and Improving our Writing

Once we've completed our shared or independent writing, we always try our best to read it through to check it makes sense and see if there are any bits we can improve. To help us do this, Mr Robins has given us some special editing glasses. We used them today for the very first time and loved them.

Narnia Courtroom

We changed our room into a courtroom and were split into two groups. Once sat in our places, Mr Robins told us which side would be defending Mr Tumnus and which would be arguing that he deserved to be punished by the White Witch. Some of us took turns to be Mr Tumnus, the White Witch and key witnesses including Lucy, Edmund and the Beavers. We tried to be as persuasive as possible, giving clear reasons and listening to arguments for and against.

Below are some images and video clips from the session.

We had a great time role playing a courtroom and Mr Robins said some of us have the potential to become lawyers or politicians in the future. 

Mr Tumnus gives his statement

Still image for this video

A Witness for the White Witch

Still image for this video


Today we learnt about hundredths using numicon pegs. We each took a handful of pegs from a bowl consisting of 100 and then had to write our amount as a fraction. We learnt about the numerator and denominator and then lined up in order to see who had the largest fraction of the bowl.