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Spring 2- Going down with the dinosaurs

This term 1EC are going back to a place in time where dinosaurs roamed the earth. Get ready for a ROARtastic learning adventure.

We started our new topic with a BANG by finding a dinosaur egg in the classroom! Professor Icarus Bly from the Natural History Museum had sent us over a dinosaur egg and a letter asking us to look after it and see if it hatches. A few days later he came to visit us to check how the egg was doing. We went back in time and lived as cavemen, trying to decide how to stop the dinosaurs from making our lives difficult. Our challenge was to think up ways to live in peace with the dinosaurs and work out how to befriend them!

Meeting Icarus Bly

Class debate- would you rather be a dinosaur or caveman? 

This week has been Science Week. With Miss Crowther we learnt fun facts about why animals camouflage themselves to feel safe in their habitat. We did multiple experiments to test how camouflage works. We found it was easier to hide if the animal colour matched their habitat. 

Science Week 9th - 13th March

We had a special visitor ‘Molly Cule’ today who showed us lots of exciting experiments including; how to blow up a wind bag with one breath, how electricity travels to the ground and how to make water evaporate. The children really enjoyed it! 

This week in Science the children conducted their own experiment to see whether a plants leaves would change colour if they absorbed coloured water through their roots.  The children used their scientific skills to observe changes and discuss their findings. Well done Year 1.