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Spring 2




Today we went to check the raised bed. We were really excited to see that the broad bean seeds that we had planted in November had started to grow. we how have 8 plants!!

We then all took turns to weed the rest of the bed and were pleased to find lots of worms. We then made some little trenches to plant some new seeds. We planted pea, lettuce and carrot seeds. We sprinkled the seeds carefully and then covered them up with the soil. We did not need to water them as it started to rain (again!). We spent ages doing the garedening and are feeling very hopeful that we shall have lots to eat soon.

We then went back down the Reception outdoor area where we planted our potatoes in the grown bag. The potatoes had been left on our windowsill for a couple of weeks to chit. This is when the shoots grow a little and this helps the potatoes grow quicker and have more potatoes. The children then watered the potatoes. They know to keep checking the potatoes to see if they need more water and to see if they have grown. Once we see any shoots we need to cover them up with more soil.

Finally we went back in the classroom and started an experiment to watch the potato growing. We placed one in a empty bottle with soil and are going to see what happens to it. Unfortunately we will not be able to eat any that grow in here.

Mini-Beast Hunt



Today we went on a mini-beast hunt in small groups. We went to the small wooded area first to think about where we should look. The children had lots of different ideas including the ground, trees, leaves and plants. We checked under logs and stones as well as all the children's suggestions. Although it was a bit wet we did manage to find lots of woodlice, slugs, worms and one spider!

We then went for a dig in the raised bed where we knew we would find lots of worms! All the children had a go at digging and everyone managed to find at least one worm each. Some of us even held them in our hands! We were very gentle and made sure that we put them back in the soil afterwards.

We collected a few worms from the raised bed and we made a wormery when we got back to the classroom. We put some leaves on top for the worms. We are looking forward to watching the worms over the next week to see what they do!

Mini-beast Habitat


We have been talking a lot about mini-beasts in Reception. The children have been researching the answers to questions that they have using the internet, reading non-fiction books and writing mini-beast fact  files. 

Today when we went outside we went to check on our vegetables. The broad beans have grown but we could not see any of the other seeds starting to grow yet.

We then set about collecting sticks for making a mini-beast habitat. We too these back to the Reception playground. We layered up bricks then some turf, logs then some turf, sticks and then more turf. We noticed there were worms already in the turf. As we had kept our wormery for a week we needed to let the worms go free so we added them to our new habitat area. I wonder what will be living there when we next check?