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Spring 2

Now we are in the lovely spring season, we have lots of exciting learning in store for Reception! Our learning adventure ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ brings a farm to our school! The children will get to meet a range of farm animals and they will learn how farmers look after their animals. We will also be welcoming chick eggs! We will learn all about the lifecycle of chicks from egg to hen, and the children will see first-hand the eggs hatching! At the end of term we will be inviting family and carers to school for

Special delivery!

We were very excited that our chicks hatched and we were able to have some cuddles. We have thought about how we look after the chicks and we can keep them safe.

We have written some rules for how to care for the chicks.

We have enjoyed exploring the apparatus in PE.

We have been planting potatoes and peas in our allotment bed and are looking forward to seeing how they grow over the next few months.

As part of science week we participated in a science experiment about germs. We used glitter to represent germs on our hands and talked about how they are transferred from person to person. We practised washing our hands properly and talked about how this would reduce the spread of germs.