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Spring 2



February - April 2020

Welcome back! Now we are in the lovely spring season, we have lots of exciting learning in store for Reception! Our learning adventure ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ brings a farm to our school! The children will get to meet a range of farm animals and they will learn how farmers look after their animals. We will also be welcoming chick eggs! We will learn all about the lifecycle of chicks from egg to hen, and the children will see first-hand the eggs hatching! At the end of term we will be inviting family and carers to school for



Important dates and days


RBM Outdoor Learning Tuesday PM

PE – Wednesday AM

RLS PE – Friday AM

Outdoor Learning Friday PM

Tuesday 25th February - Eggs arriving!

Thursday 3rd April - School closes for end of spring term

Monday 20th April– School opens for summer term


This half term we are learning about…

  • The settings of traditional stories/ tales
  • How to describe characters in stories and how different characters might be feeling
  • How to use story language and structure when both speaking and writing
  • How to create a story map
  • How to write letters, instructions, wanted posters and recipes
  • How to order and measure height (through measuring story characters)
  • Numbers 10-15, this includes one more and one less, how the number is made, doubling, halving and sharing the numbers
  • Testing materials when making a raincoat for baby bear
  • How to record a tally chart to record favourite story characters
  • Chinese New Year; who celebrates it, what people who celebrate this festival believe and how people celebrate this festival
  • How to make their own sandwiches
  • Predictions and estimations



The children will be:


  • Matching animals to their babies
  • Exploring our farm tuff spot and using their imagination
  • Creating their own farm maps
  • Sorting wild animals and farm animals
  • Painting symmetrical butterflies
  • Making and tasting a healthy fruit salad
  • Mini beast hunt
  • Planting vegetable seeds and looking after them
  • Exploring the resources available within our chick area and farm role play
  • Making vegetable soup
  • Observational drawing of vegetables
  • Making caterpillars using grass and tights
  • Labelling vegetables


You can help your child at home by:


  • Listening to them read at home
  • Read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books to them.
  • Encouraging your child to practise ordering and recognising numbers to 20
  • Talk about the different seasons and look at what is growing outside
  • Helping your child to learn their tricky and high frequency words
  • Talking to your child about how we can find out information from the internet and books

Making 14 in different ways


We have been looking at the number 14 this week. We had to try to make 14 in many different ways. We used Unifix to make towers to 14, tens frames, part part whole models and Numicon too.

Reception Class Chicks


This week in Reception has been very exciting indeed! On Wednesday morning, we received a very special gift from Bluebell the hen. Bluebell was having trouble with her nests so she asked for the Reception children help when looking after her eggs. Bluebell has given the children 7 of her chick eggs to look after until they hatch. She had sent the children some special equipment to help them keep the chicks safe.


The children have learnt all about each piece of equipment and what is it used for. We have been watching the eggs very closely since they arrived and we have been writing about the development of the eggs. We have also learnt all about the life cycle of a hen.