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Spring 2

All Creatures Great and Small

We would like to welcome all our children back after our half term break and hope that everyone is feeling ready for lots more fun!

Our learning adventure this half term will be based on ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. The children will meet Ian, a farmer who brings his farm animals to school! They will help him to solve his problem of keeping his prize cow safe and find out how to look after his baby chicks too! The children will learn how to care for different animals and how animals grow and change. The children will also get the chance to bring in their pets to meet the class and tell them how they look after them at home!

Books we will be reading this half term:

  • What the Ladybird Heard
  • Chick to Hen/Six Chicks
  • Mad About Minibeasts
  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  • Oliver’s Vegetables
  • Pets/The Pet Shop

This half term we are learning about:

  •  A farmer’s role on the farm
  • The lifecycle of chicks
  • How to look after chicks 
  • Matching animals and their young
  • How to find out if an object is heavy or light
  • Listening to and following positional instructions
  • Using positional language
  • Counting two and three objects and be able to represent both numbers in different ways
  • Recognising the numbers two and three and being able to use actions and marks to represent each number
  • How to go on a minibeast hunt and find a range of insects
  • How to describe what vegetables are and what they look like/how they grow

You can help at home by:

  • Helping your child to put their own coat on and fasten it
  • Singing a variety of number rhymes and nursery rhymes
  • Identifying different animals and the sound that each one makes
  • Visiting a farm and identifying animals and their young
  • Helping your child to identify their name and attempt to write it
  • Helping your child to count objects by putting them in a row and touching each one as they count
  • Reading a variety of books to your child and looking at the pictures together
  • Helping your child to count actions such as counting whilst climbing steps, counting claps and jumps etc

Special Delivery!

The children were very excited to return to school from their half term break to find a special delivery from Farmer Ian! He sent us some eggs to look after!


The children were very curious and spent a lot of time observing the eggs, jumping in surprise when they saw some of them start to move! The children thought carefully about what could be inside the egg and talked about their reasons for this. 


They thought about how we need to look after eggs and what could happen to them if we were not careful. As the eggs began to hatch the children all saw first hand the chicks breaking through the egg shells. They drew lots of pictures of the chicks and enjoyed stippling to creating chick paintings too. 


Once the chicks were a few days old the children they held a chick and talked about how it felt in their hand. They also talked about what a chick needs to be healthy and what a chick will grow into. 

Washing our hands!

As part of our Learning Adventure the children have been learning about how to keep healthy.


They now know that they need to wash their hands after touching an animal. To help them to make sure that they wash their hands properly the children were challenged to wash paint off of their hands and sing 'Happy Birthday' two times to make sure that they washed them for long enough!

Scrambled egg!

As part of Science Week the children learned how some eggs contain an animal and some are food that we eat. The children watched eggs being cracked into a bowl and observed the changes that occurred when the raw egg was whisked and then put into the microwave to cook.


Some of the children tasted the scrambled egg to see if they liked it. They also talked about how it looked in comparison to the raw egg and how it felt in their mouths. 

What the Ladybird Heard

The children have been reading the story 'What the Ladybird Heard'. They received a video from Farmer Ian asking them for their help! They needed to help trick the robbers so that they would get lost on the farm so that they couldn't steal the prize cow!


The children had lots of fun choosing which farm animal they like the most and then drew a picture of it. They've also been thinking about the initial sound of each of the farm animals and sorting the farm animals into groups by their initial sound too.


Some children tried really hard to cut along the lines of the robber's masks to make their own and others had fun making footprint tracks in the painting trays with a range of farm animals.