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Spring 2

Spring 2

We hope you have all had a lovely break! Our new learning adventure is called The Shang Dynasty.  We will be focusing our work on the book The Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson. We will be looking at where and when one of the first ancient civilisations appeared. Miss O’Connell will be the class teacher and Mrs Brown will be the teaching assistant. Mrs Webster will teach art on Monday mornings and Miss Beaumont will teach PE on Thursday afternoons. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to see me before and after school or ring the school office if you need to speak to me. 

PHSE - Understanding the similarities and differences between me and my friend


In PHSE this half term we will be looking at how we are different to each other and how this makes us unique. we will also be looking at how we all have different interests and our part of different communities as well as the community at Clapgate!


We have done some work thinking about how we are similar to our friends and how we are different. First the children discussed their similarities and differences and then the drew a picture and bullet pointed them.


This helped the children celebrate themselves and understand that they are unique and special in their own ways.




In writing this half term we have been reading The Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson. This tells the story of a young girl called Shen, who is gifted with a magical paintbrush by an old man who tells Shen she must only paint for the poor and never for the rich. Shen's paintbrush brings anything she paints to life and Shen enjoys her life helping lots of the poor villagers until one day an evil Emperor asks Shen to paint him a money tree. Shen is unsure of what to do as the Emperor might hurt her if she doesn't...


We have wrote some lovely character descriptions of Shen and used expanded noun phrases to describe Shen in fantastic detail. 

Diary Entries


We have enjoyed writing our diary entries this week! We wrote them using time openers such as 'First', 'Then', 'Next' and 'Afterwards'. The diary entries we wrote were about the day Shen received her paintbrush and how she and her family felt when she took them home. 



This half term we have been learning about the Shang Dynasty. As part of our learning adventure we have been looking at the social hierarchy of the Shang Dynasty. They have discovered the positives and negatives of each lifestyle through using drama to act out what life was like. We then wrote a comparative argument about which lifestyle was better and why it was.

World Book Day

This year, children made their own potato characters and use them to write and perform play scripts throughout the day. The characters were fantastic and a lot of effort had clearly gone into all of them. We then had the chance to visit all the other classes in school to see there super designs! Check out our amazing potatoes below!

Writing a Missing Persons report

3AO used their amazing detective skills to investigate the kidnap and disappearance of Shen. They came back into class to find it trashed and immediately had to put up crime scene tape to secure the scene of the crime. They then had different rolls in investigating all the evidence left behind. Some children dusted for finger prints, some used tape to look for hairs and fibres and some were even forensic photographers. After we gathered all the evidence we wrote up a missing persons report in the hope someone would see her and then we could find her. We used lots of super contractions to help us, such as 'couldn't', 'hadn't' and 'wasn't'.


This half term we have been learning about Identity, Society and Equality and celebrating Difference. We started by looking at the similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends. Then we moved on to looking at the Shang Dynasty and thought about how they were a community. Next, we looked at what a community is, what are the different types of communities and why people belong to groups. Through lots of class discussion we were able to create a definition of what a community is and why belonging to one is important.