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Spring 2

Spring 2 - Viking Invasion!


Hello and welcome back after the half term break! This half term we will be learning about the Vikings (750 - 1060). This is a very exciting learning adventure topic that will cover the history of the Vikings, myths and legends, the gods they believed in and their journey to England. 


As we approach SATs, it's very important that your child is bringing their homework in every week. Please make sure GPS homework is brought in on Wednesday and reading and maths homework is brought into school on Thursday.


Thanks for your support!

We have already started enjoying our learning adventure 'Viking Invasion'. We've painted large dragons, characters from Beowulf and Norse gods. We've also written our names in Viking runes, designed our own Viking shields and sketched ourselves as Viking warriors. In writing, we have started reading Beowulf and we wrote some brilliant adverts to sell King Hrothgar's Great Hall. 

Viking Invasion

Our Writing

Maths Learning

In maths, we learnt how to reflect shapes in all 4 quadrants of a grid. To help us, we mirrored each other in order to remember what reflection is.

GPS Learning

In  GPS we matched words to their antonyms. We had to walk around the classroom to find the hidden words. Everyone was able to correctly match the antonyms!

Playing Boomwhackers!

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In music lessons, we have been experimenting with boomwhackers. Everyone loved composing their own music in groups and performing to the rest of the class. 6LJ has some talented musicians.

The Circulatory System

In science lessons, we have started learning about the circulatory system and how blood flows around the body. We were given a red and blue piece of card. The red card represented oxygenated blood and the blue card represented deoxygenated blood. Tables were labelled with different parts of the body such as the heart, brain, legs and lungs. As we walked around the room, children acted as blood and changed the colour card once their oxygen had been used. We learnt that the heart pumps the blood around the body and the lungs provide oxygen to the blood. 

World Book Day

For World Book Day, we decorated a potato to look like our favourite characters from books. As you can see, everyone made a brilliant effort. In the afternoon, the children enjoyed creating comic strips which featured their potato character and walking around other classes to see all the other potatoes around school. Each class had a winner - in 6LJ Mr Bump won!

Science Week

As part of our learning on the circulatory system, we created a model heart. We used three bottles, straws and red food colouring to show how the heart works. As we pinched the straws, the blood travelled from the atrium to the ventricle, and then into the body. Our hands squeezed the ventricle and acted as the valves of the heart. It was interesting to see how blood only flows in one direction.