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Spring 2

Walking with Dinosaurs!!

This half term we are learning about…

  • How to write a diary in character from a story.
  • How to use non-fiction books to find out information.
  • How to write non-chronological reports on dinosaurs.
  • How to write a leaflet about dinosaurs
  • How to write instruction on how to care for an egg.
  • The seasons and how the weather and day length changes throughout the year.
  • Barbara Hepworth and how she creates sculptures.
  • Creating their own sculptures of dinosaurs.
  • How people worked and lived in the coal mine and what it was like to work in that environment.
  • How to write a recount about a trip to the coal mine.
  • How to write a setting description using settings from stories.
  • How to write instructions on how to make swamp slime.

The children will be:

  • Going on a dig to find fossils, dinosaurs and bones.
  • Creating a human timeline to find out how long ago the dinosaurs roamed earth.
  • Finding a mysterious egg and learning how to care for it in the classroom.
  • Going on an adventure back in time to discover what it was like when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. They will explore life in a cave, create shadow puppets and tell stories about dinosaurs.
  • Making their own fossils and dinosaur skeletons.
  • Thinking about how they could live with dinosaurs in the cave.
  • Imagining what it would be like for a child to work in the coal mine.
  • Designing their own underpants to give to the dinosaurs.
  • Going to the coal mining museum to learn about what life was like down a mine.
  • Imagining they are roaming through a jungle.
  • Role playing a dinosaur dance.

You can help your child at home by:


  • Listening to your child read on a regular basis and asking questions about the book.
  • Practising the spellings in your child’s spelling book.
  • Supporting your child with their weekly homework.
  • Encouraging your children to practise writing sentences or stories using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
  • Helping your child to learn their tricky and high frequency words.

Creative Context Day!

Today we had our creative context day. The children spent the day off timetable and they took part in lots of creative activities to help make our classroom into an immersive dinosaur jungle.


We had so much Fun!

Receiving the letter from Professor Icarus Bly... 

Today we received a letter from Professor Icarus Bly from the Natural History Museum and he sent us a real dinosaur egg to take care of. We made the egg a nest and we made sure that we cared for the egg throughout the week. We were so excited and cannot wait to meet Icarus next week!

Tyrannosaurus Drip!

This week we got a phone call from a very upset Mummy Duckbill Dinosaur who has had one of her eggs stolen. She sent us her storybook and asked us to investigate what had happened. We found out that another Dinosaur had stolen her egg and that it had been dropped in a T-Rex next. We wrote a letter to Mummy Duckbill and told her that her baby dinosaur needed rescuing as soon as possible. 

Later in the week we thought about how Tyrannosaurus drip might have been feeling whilst he was living in the T-Rex nest. We used hot seating as a way to find out more information out about this character. The children found out that he hated living where he was as he felt like he didn't fit in and that he was always being bullied and left out. Have a read of our super diaries to find out more!

A Long Long Time Ago...

This week the children started to learn about when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. They plotted events on a human timeline on the playground to help them establish the context of how long ago different things happened in time. The children were amazed when they found out that the first dinosaurs lived around 3.45 billion year ago!


This week in Computing the children have been thinking about different modes of transport and how they travel to school. The children each shared their method of travel with the class and we collected the class data and recorded it on a diagram. We found out that walking to school was the most popular and getting the bus was the least popular. Super learning!


This week in PHSE the children discussed how different things that go into bodies can make people feel good or not so good. They looked at a variety of substances and thought about if they were harmful for our bodies or not. The children created a human outline to record safe things that can go inside a body and harmful things that must stay away from a body. They really enjoyed the class discussion!


This week in RE the children have been thinking about formal and informal meetings. They have been thinking about what sort of people would require a special visit and whose visits would be more informal. The children then related this to Jesus and how he was special to Christians and they thought about how his welcome on palm Sunday shows this. Well done!

Our Dinosaur Habitats!

Our half term homework project was to create our own dinosaur Habitat.

Look at some of the amazing work that we produced...

Alive and Kicking!


This week we were very lucky in year 1 as professor Icarus Bly has been into school to visit us. He came into our school and he introduced us to the 'cavemen' tribe.

When the children met Icarus!

Still image for this video

When the children met Icarus!

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Once we entered the cave with Icarus we became members of the tribe. We loved learning about how the tribe survived and how their day differs to our now. We learnt about what the cavemen would have looked like, how they would have hunted their food and how they kept themselves safe and warm. We also learnt the story of when Narla and Gam first met their neighbours...THE DINOSAURSSSSSSS!!!!

The story of when the tribe first met the Dinosaurs!

The story of when the tribe first met the Dinosaurs!

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The children pretending to be the dinosaurs!

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After our morning with Icarus we had to complete some tasks for him before he visits us again next week. Icarus wanted us to think about how we can live alongside the dinosaurs in peace. He asked us to write our ideas down into a plan. We came up with some great solutions!
We also wrote about our tribe and what the people were like who we lived with. We used lots of WOW words to describe the cavemen.
Finally, we put on our Imagineering hats and we pretended to become Narla or Gam. We wrote about the day when they first met the dinosaurs. We worked really hard to use the past tense and the personal pronoun 'I' in our writing. 

Digging for fossils!

This week the children have become archaeologists and they have been digging for fossils and interesting artefacts. The children learnt how fossils are formed overtime and they learnt what sorts of dinosaur fossils have been found around the world. The children also found lots of fun facts about fossils- like that without fossils we would have never had discovered that dinosaurs were alive. Great digging year 1!

Creating our own fossils...

Following on from their archaeological dig, the children extended their learning of how fossils are formed and how they are extracted from the ground. The children then went on the create their own replica fossils using plasticine and toy dinosaurs. Their final creations looked very realistic, well done!


This week in Computing the children have been collecting data from their peers about what their favourite fruit is. The children recorded this and then inputted their data into a pictogram on Purple Mash. The children had to select the correct number of fruit/ type of fruit to match the data and they checked this to ensure that it was correct. Well done!


This week in PHSE the children have been learning that substances can be absorbed through the skin and they have recognised that different things that people put on their bodies make them feel good or not so good. The children discussed and wrote about a time they put cream on their body. We talked about why and how it made them feel. Super!


This week in RE the children have been learning about the Easter story and how this effected Jesus and his followers. The children then thought as Christians how they would have felt if Jesus came to visit them. They were encouraged to think of some ‘wow’ words to describe this. The children then wrote their words/ feelings onto their own palm leaf. Great work!

         SCIENCE WEEK!

This week the children have taken part in science week. The children have loved carrying out lots of experiments and investigations in order to develop their scientific enquiry skills. The children loved learning how craters were formed, whether fireworks can be formed in a glass and whether we can stop sugar absorbing liquid. The children were predicting, observing, recording and evaluating throughout each experiment. Great team work!

The children have also been learning about the four different seasons. The children have been observing how the weather changes in these seasons and they have been thinking about what they know that is associated with each season. In small groups the children created large season ‘information’ posters and they presented their findings to the rest of the class. They thought about the weather of each season and how the day length varies.

T-REX on the Loose!


This week Icarus rang us to inform us that some dinosaur eggs have hatched and escaped from the museum. He sent us some CCTV footage of the dinosaur and we found out that it had been wandering around our classroom, causing trouble during the night. Icarus needed the children's help to write a non-chronological report about this dinosaur so that we could warn the local residents and provide them with lots of information about this animal in order to keep themselves safe. Great writing year 1!

Teach Rex Visit 

This week the children in Year 1 were very lucky and met JAM the T-Rex. They spent all day learning historical/ scientific facts about Jam and they even became film directors when making their own green screen movies. 

Green Screen Workshop

Still image for this video

Green Screen Workshop

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The National Coal Mining Museum

Over the last few weeks the children have begun learning about coal mines and the people who worked down them. To kick off our learning we visited the National Coal Mining Museum. The children spent the day learning lots about coal mining and how it has developed throughout history. The children got chance to go underground to visit a real coal mine and they learnt about the different job roles that people would have carried out down there. They had to remember to keep their hard hats and their torches on to keep themselves safe. It was very dark! The children were shocked to find out that children as young as 5 would have been made to work in the mines for 10 hours a day back in Victorian times. 


The children also got to visit the pit ponies and the miners shower/ locker room. It was interesting to see what the contents on a miners locker would look like depending on the job they had. Some of them were very dirty! We also got to see the the medical room and we learnt that this was a very important room due to the amount of accidents and deaths that would occur when working down the mines. 


The children also got to visit the control room and the steam engine room. In here, they learnt about how the miners communicated with people working above the ground. The steam engine room showed the children how they steam engine quickly transported coal from the mine to the surface. 


We had such a super day and we couldn't wait to write about it when we got back to school!