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Spring 2

This half term, we are learning about North America. We will be traveling around the different countries and learning more about the geography and cultures. 
Click the link below to see some work which has blown Miss Jones' socks off!
To start off our topic, 4CJ took a trip to America. We travelled by plane and arrived '8 hours' later in New York City. We needed to find a way of getting around so we created our yellow taxis. We had a look at the NYC skyline and some impressive buildings. We also talked about the North American flags and the different sports. 
Year 4 have been studying the story 'Snow White in New York'. We became news reporters and interviewed the Dame and wrote a newspaper article about Snow going missing. We also thought about how Snow may be feeling and what she might write in her diary.
As part of our design and technology lessons we have been constructing vehicles using an electronic mechanism. We decided to base them on New York taxis and we will be recreating a busy city road in the final week. They are already coming together nicely! 


Today, Year 4 combined some geography field skills with looking at place knowledge. We needed to complete an orienteering challenge to find facts about the UK and North America. 

Year 4 took their journey to Hawaii. We received a letter from a little girl who was trying to make cherry pie but the shop was closed. She decided to make her way around the USA to collect everything she needs whilst having a holiday. She asked up to see what Hawaii was like and if we think she would like it. We thought about what different physical and humans features we might be able to see on the our journey around the island. We had the chance to be baby sea turtles and we made our journey towards the ocean. 4CJ used what they had seen to create shape poems. We finished our week by sending a letter back to Madison in New England.


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To understand a bit more about where we have been, the children drew large Mario's of North America in the playground. They had to navigate their way around using the compass points. 

Thank you to everyone who attended our 4th July party. The children made some amazing floats and the parade around the school was fantastic. We really appreciate the time taken to attend these events and the children loved it. 
We finished our topic by having a Day of the Dead party. We made masks and tried some Mexican food. Have a look at our creations below. We also finally made our cherry pie for everyone to have a taste :)