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Spring 2


Welcome back everyone! We hope you all had a fantastic half term and are excited to get back to school!

This term our topic is Dinosaurs! We are going to be exploring what it would be like when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. We will be focusing on non-fiction books and artefacts to learn about the past.

As part of our history learning we will be learning about all things that are underground. The children will study fossils. We will then do a local study about coal mining.

It’s going to be another fun filled adventure!

This half term we are learning about…

  • How to write a diary in character from a story.
  • How to use non-fiction books to find out information.
  • How to write non-chronological reports on dinosaurs.
  • How to write a leaflet about dinosaurs
  • How to write instruction on how to care for an egg.
  • The seasons and how the weather and day length changes throughout the year.
  • Barbara Hepworth and how she creates sculptures.
  • Creating their own sculptures of dinosaurs.
  • How people worked and lived in the coal mine and what it was like to work in that environment.
  • How to write a recount about a trip to the coal mine.
  • How to write a setting description using settings from stories.
  • How to write instructions on how to make swamp slime.

The children will be:

  • Going on a dig to find fossils, dinosaurs and bones.
  • Creating a human timeline to find out how long ago the dinosaurs roamed earth.
  • Finding a mysterious egg and learning how to care for it in the classroom.
  • Going on an adventure back in time to discover what it was like when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. They will explore life in a cave, create shadow puppets and tell stories about dinosaurs.
  • Make their own fossils and dinosaur skeletons.
  • Problem solve how they could live with dinosaurs in the cave.
  • Imagine what it would be like for a child to work in the coal mine.
  • Designing their own underpants to give to the dinosaurs.
  • Go to the coal mining museum to learn about what life was like down a mine.
  • Imagine they are roaming through a jungle.
  • Role playing a dinosaur dance.
Texts we will be reading this Half Term:

Creative Context Day

The children have been very busy preparing our classroom for their new adventure. Have a look at their fantastic work they have done on creative context day! 

Week 1

This week the children have recieved a letter and found a golden egg in a nest in our classroom. We have been told that we are to get a very special visitor to our school. Professor Isarus from the National History Museum has sent in the egg into school for the year 1 children to care for! 

This week in History the children started to learn about when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. They plotted events on a human timeline on the school field. The children were amazed by how long and how far they had to stand when they found out that the first dinosaurs lived around 3.45 billion year ago! Super 1GH!

Our Dinosaur Habitats

The children have been working really hard on creating their very own habitats as a homework project! Well done for all your effort, they look incredible!

This week the children discussed that different things that go into bodies can make people feel good or not so good. They identified whether a substance might be harmful to take in. We role played scenarios to help us know to ask for help if they are unsure whether something should go into the body.

This week in ICT the children discussed and illustrated the transport used to travel to school. We created a concept map as a class using the app 2 connect on purple mash. Children then contributed to the collection of class data by drawing and writing how they get to school. They used these illustrations to create a simple pictogram. Well done Year 1!

Week 2

In history the children imagined they were archaeologist and that they were travelling down underground through a cave. We discussed some of the physical features in caves and asked questions about what we would like to think about when learning about dinosaurs and fossils. The children learnt about how fossils are created and how they can help us learn about dinosaurs. The children then went on a dig and made their very own fossils. Well done!



The children enjoyed going on a dig to find facts and images of fossils. We thought about how the pictures helped us find information about dinosaurs.
The children used plasticine to create their own fossils. Well done!

World Book Day!


Well done for the fantastic world book day creations. The children have been very creative when making their own character potato. Fantastic!

Alive and Kicking!


The children have had a fantastic morning with the drama company Alive and Kicking. We had a special visit from Professor Bly. The children went on an adventure, becoming archaeologists as they traveled back in time to find out home we can make friends with the dinosaurs. Amazing work Year !