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Spring 2

We would like to welcome all our children back after our half term break and hope that everyone is feeling ready for lots more fun!

Our learning adventure this half term will be based on ‘Dinosaurs’. The children will receive a letter from Mummy T-Rex explaining that she has no room in her nest for her eggs and she needs the children to find them. They will follow a trail to find an egg and learn how to care for it. The children will observe the changes that occur to the egg and think about what might be inside it! The children will also get the chance to create their own junk model dinosaur at home and bring it in for a dinosaur expedition in nursery.


This half term we are learning about:

  • How to take care of an egg

  • The changes that occur to an egg as it cracks and hatches open

  • The different types of dinosaurs, what they eat, how they move and why they have become extinct

  • Creating information sentences about a dinosaur

  • How to count dinosaur eggs and match the corresponding number of eggs to the numbered dinosaurs

  • How to sort patterned and coloured dinosaurs and eggs into groups

  • The differences between dinosaurs

  • How to draw a dinosaur

  • How to create our own dinosaur stories.

  • The names and properties of 2D shapes and how they can be used to create dinosaur pictures

  • How to identify shapes in pictures of dinosaurs

  • How to use everyday objects and our own bodies to measure the length of dinosaurs and different parts of their bodies

You can help at home by:

  • Helping your child to put their own coat on and fasten it

  • Encouraging your child to make up their own stories with their toys as they play

  • Encouraging your child to place your shoes in size order and start to compare the sizes of them

  • Singing a variety of number rhymes and nursery rhymes

  • Helping your child to identify their name and attempt to write it

  • Helping your child to count objects by putting them in a row and touching each one as they count

  • Reading a variety of books to your child and looking at the pictures together

  • Helping your child to count actions such as counting whilst climbing steps, counting claps and jumps etc

Books we will be reading this half term:

  • Dinosaur stomp

  • How to grow a dinosaur

  • Harry and the bucket full of dinosaurs…

  • Dinosaur roar

  • Various non-fiction books

  • T-veg

  • Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaur-rumpus

Week 1

This week in Nursery the children returned from their holidays find a trail of footprints and a letter from Mummy T-Rex asking the children to help her. She told the children that she didn't have enough room in her nest for all of her eggs and she needed to take some out. She asked the children to follow the footprint track. The children did and were excited to find an egg!


The children then thought about how to look after an egg and wrote a letter back to her to tell her we had found her egg and would look after it for her!

What happens to eggs?The children have been carefully lookiing at the egg and making observational drawings of it over the last few days. They talked about the changes that occured and how we needed to look after it. The children had lots of fun outside playing egg and spoon races and then enjoyed tasting different cooked eggs! Yum yum!

Week 2

This week in Nursery the children were asked to help the National Dinosaur Museum by becoming archaeologists for the day!

The children found out what an archaeologist does and what equipment they use to do their job.

They then went on a mission with brushes, tweezers and magnifying glasses and found some fossils in the sand tray! The children carefully pieced them together and discovered that the fossil was of a T-Rex. The children talked about what they already know about a Tyrannosaurus Rex and then used the internet to find out some information about it.

The children thought about which dinosaurs they liked and disliked and talked about them. They also sorted the dinosaurs into groups organised by colour, the number of legs, the length of their tail, wings etc.

Making our own eggs and a nest to keep them in! The children had lots of fun using the technique of paper mache to create their own eggs. They painted and decorated the eggs with patterns once the newspaper had dried. The children then thought about the shape of a nest and gathered together the materials that they thought they would need to make their own nests.

World Book Day! The children came to school dressed as their favourite book characters and decorated their own potatoes as a book character too. There were some wonderful creations. Well done everyone!

Week 3

This week in Nursery the children received a special package from the National Dinosaur Museum. Inside the large brown envelope the children found some dinosaur bones and letter.


The children did such a super job of being archaeologists last week that they were asked to build the skeleton by arranging the bones on the board to create a dinosaur and find out what it was.


The children looked at some information books to find out about the dinosaur ‘Pterodactyl’.

This week the children helped 'Heavyosaur' and 'Lightosaur' to measure and sort their eggs as they had become mixed up in the nests!


The children used their hands to think about which eggs they thought were heavy and light before they weighed each egg in the balance scales. They looked carefully to see which egg was heavy and which egg was light. The children tried really hard to explain how they knew if an egg was heavy or light using words and sentences.


Once the children had sorted the eggs they looked at the dinosaur nests and thought about which nest had the most eggs and which nest had the least eggs. The children counted to check, touching and moving each one as they were counted.

This week the children have been learning that as dinosaurs where alive a long time along time when they died lots of mud and rocks buried them and their bones have felt now left prints in some rocks. They have been very busy creating their very own dinosaur fossils for the National Dinosaur Museum. They listening carefully to each of the numbered instructions and then helped to make the salt dough mixture. The children then chose which dinosaur they would like to make an imprint of before carefully pressing it down into their salt dough. The children looked at how the dough changed once it had been in the oven.


This week the children have been exploring numbered dinosaur nests. Some children used a number line to help them to find the matching number before putting the number carefully in their heads and remembering that that was their stopping number. The children then counted out the corresponding number of eggs and found the matching numicon shape.

Week 4

This week the children came into Nursery to find a dusty old box in the middle of the room. When they opened it they found Harry's bucketful of dinosaurs! The children looked on the school CCTV and found pictures of the dinosaurs secretly playing in the classroom when no one else was there! The children started to think about what adventures they might have had and used the pictures to start making up their own class story.

The children thought about all of the dinosaurs in Harry's bucket and chose their favourite dinosaur. They then looked carefully at the features of the dinosaur and drew a picture of it.


When they went outside they then made a tally chart of their friend's favourite dinosaurs too!

Week 5

This week the children found out all about Easter and how it is celebrated. They watched a video clip of children preparing at home for Easter and talked about their own Easter celebrations. The children listened to the Easter story and thought about why hot cross buns are special at this time of year. The children enjoyed singing the song hot cross buns and were very excited to make their own Easter basket ready for the Easter bunny to fill up with chocolate eggs!