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Spring 2

'The Vikings are Coming!' 


As part of our learning adventure we will be learning about the Vikings as well as reading Beowulf. All of our writing lessons will be linked to the events from Beowulf. During the afternoons we will be learning about the rise and fall of the Vikings.  


During the first day of the half term we were busy preparing our classroom for this learning adventure. We have made: shields, viking long boats and flags (that represent the countries the Vikings came from). 

This half term the children will: 

  • Create large images of characters from Beowulf and Viking gods
  • Make a comic strip illustrating the Vikings’ journey from Norway to England
  • Design and make a Viking puppet for our end product puppet show
  • Create a collage of a Viking longboat on the North Sea
  • Create a fact file on Viking gods

In Writing the children will: 

  •  Create a soundscape and use this to write a setting description of the Great Hall in Beowulf
  • Design their own Great Hall and write an advert to sell it
  • Write a diary entry in role as Grendel (the monster) from Beowulf
  • Write a police report for a crime scene
  • Create instructions on how to defeat Grendel
  • Make an informative and persuasive leaflet selling a trip for monsters to the Lake of Demons

In Maths the children will: 

  • Find percentages of amounts
  • Compare and order percentages, fractions and decimals
  • Understand and solve problems relating to ratio
  • Describe positions on the full coordinate grid (all four quadrants)
  • Draw and translate simple shapes on the coordinate plane and reflect them in the axes.
  • Solve a range of arithmetic questions. 

Learning Adventure Pages

Wider Curriculum lessons


During Art this term we are looking at collage artists. As part of our first Art lesson we created a mood board in order to form ideas that can inspire our own art work. We will be creating a collage of a Viking boat at sea. In order to create our mood boards we looked at colours and patterns and decided on the 'mood' that we wanted to create in our own pictures e.g. storm, sunset etc

Steel pans

In Music we are very lucky. We have been learning how to play the steel pans. We have had lots of fun learning about the different pans and how to change the pitch and volume on them. We have been working really hard learning how to play a piece of music which I am sure you will see us perform during an assembly very soon! 

Outdoor Maths

With the weather improving we have taken our maths lessons outside! Our teachers hid a range of maths problems around the playground. We then worked in groups to solve the problems that we found.