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Spring 1 Half-term

Around the World in 80 Days!


This half-term we followed Phileas Fogg around the world visiting different countries in (slightly less than) 80 days. We started by visiting India and then moved on to Hong Kong, Japan and ending our journey in the USA. At each of our stops we will be learned about the different religions, architecture, art and (most importantly) the food.


The children worked very hard and produced some lovely work including: henna designs, food blogs, pagodas and Chindogu inventions (useless inventions), all of which inspired by the different countries. Please see below for some of the fantastic things the children have done. 




The children had a wonderful time making and trying some mango lassi. This is a sweet, milky drink popular in Indian and great for cooling down your mouth after a hot curry! We used some unusual ingredients including cardamom, honey, yoghurt and mango.

Around the World Restaurant

We had a wonderful time at our 'Around the World Restaurant' at the end of our topic. After exploring the different countries and foods the children were looking forward to sharing these with their families and friends. Thank you to all who attended and had a try of some of the different foods served by year 4.