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Spring 1

Dragon Quest...


Happy New Year everybody! We hope you have had a lovely break. This half-term 2SO are very excited to begin their new Learning Adventure... Dragon Quest!


Over the next six weeks, 2SO will be focusing on the stories 'The Odd Egg', 'The Dragon Snatcher' and 'Again'. The children will have the opportunity to create their very own Odd Egg and we will be learning all about Chinese New Year!


Important dates for this half-term...


Chinese New Year celebration - Thursday 8th February 

Break up for half-term - Friday 9th February 



What an odd egg!


Today the children discovered a very odd egg in the playground! We spotted a set of unidentified footprints leading through the playground up to a special box labelled 'Fragile'. After having a discussion about what we think is inside the box we decided to open it and found a very strange egg covered in green spots.


The children decided to bring the egg back into the classroom and take care of it by keeping it warm. We're very excited to see what will hatch out of it!



How do you like your eggs??!


After our mysterious discovery in the playground, 2SO have started making their very own odd eggs. In groups of 3 or 4, the children have papier-mâchéd balloons to make their eggs and thought about their designs based on what mythical creature they think might be lurking inside!




Living, Non-Living or Never Lived?



This half-term in Science, we have been investigating Living Things and their habitats. Within this topic we have explored what makes something living, non-living or if it has never lived.

The children worked together in groups of 3 to find things in their school environment that were living, non-living and things that had never lived.