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Spring 1

Chinese New Year Dragon Dance

Last week the children were shown a picture of a drangon from Chinese New Year. This sparked a great interest with the children. We went on to watch some videos of the dance and the children decided that they wanted to make their own dragon so that they could do a dance too!

On Monday we set about making the dragons head. The children had a lot of ideas for how it should be decorated including, spikes, sharp teeth, eye brows and fire from its mouth. They then used the difference resources to make it all.

When watching the videos the children noticed that there was someone in front of the dragon holding a ball. We were not sure what this was so we researched it on the internet. We found out that it was a 'Pearl of Wisdom' and that the dragon has to follow it. Of course the children wanted this too as part of the dance.

On Tuesday the children came to school very excited to take part in the dance. Miss Bushrod was a little worried when it started snowing in the morning but luckily the sun came out for us in the afternoon.

The children took it in turns to  play one of the drums or be part of the dragon dance. We had such a good time and everyone was very excited to take part!

Making the Dragon


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This week we have been thinking about all the birds outside during Winter and how there is not very much food for them to find at the moment. On Monday some children made some bird feeders with coconut oil and bird seed. We mixed it together then pressed it in to some cookie cutters and then put it in the fridge to harden. On Tuesday we all went outside in the gorgeous sunshine. The children sat in a circle and threaded Cherrios on to wool. It was a very calm and peacful activity which the children loved. Once they had done this we tied them up and hung them on different trees around the school grounds. We also hung up the feeders we had made the day before too. We listened out for the birds singing and we were really happy to hear the chirping! We also spotted a few birds in the trees and flying too.

This weekend it is the Big Garden Birdwatch where you can watch your garden for an hour and count the birds you have seen. A sheet when home with the common garden birds on it for you to spot.



Today we ventured out in the pouring rain! We began by singing some somgs about the rain.

We then used our senses to find out what we could see, smell, touch, hear and taste. We were lucky that it was raining as we could use this to investigate. When we listened we were able to hear the rain drops and we also heard a lot of traffic. We looked around and noticed many different things in our school grounds. We put our hands out and felt the rain falling on our hands. Lots of us found it quite tickly! We tried to smell things but this was the hardest sense for us to use as there were not any dominant smells. Finally we decided to taste the rain! We all put our heads up and stuck our tongues out. The drops felt quite cold and tasted like water.

After this we had a careful walk around the area as some of us had forgotten our wellies we didn't do any splashing in puddles today. We looked at how the rain was coming down some of the drainpipes and also dripping off different parts of the building. We also went to look at the different trees. The children are very good at spotting the evergreen trees around our school now.


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