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Spring 1

Once Upon a Time



For this half term, the children's learning adventure will focus on fairy tales!

Crime scene!

WB 2.1.2018

The children came into the classroom to discover that someone had been in and messed up the home corner! The children looked for clues to work out who it could have been. For this half term the children are now police detectives! They have worked out that it was Goldilocks, and now all their learning is focused around trying to find her to solve the crime!


This week the children have written a character description of Goldilocks. They have written super sentences to warn the other children at school that Goldilocks is up to no good!


In maths, the children are learning how to estimate by guessing how many bears they can see, then checking the actual amount by counting them.


Miss Dickinson has had a lovely week teaching the children how to make porridge! They have really enjoyed making and tasting the porridge to see if they liked it! They have also been creating folk painting bears, they are looking fantastic and you will see them proudly displayed in our classroom very shortly!



WB 8.1.2018

This week the children have thoroughly enjoyed their session with an outside company who came to read the story of Goldilocks! I was very interactive and really grasped the children's imaginations!



The children are learning how to enjoy a story orally and using physical actions to tell the story. This has been so much fun having everyone involved in the story of Goldilocks! The children are going to be creating their own story this week using the three bear’s story sack. The children will pull out objects from the story sack and using them to make up our own story. Talk for writing is a fantastic concept which helps to develop imagination and speaking skills. Tof find out more, please visit