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Spring 1

This half term, we are learning about the Stone Age. We will travel back in time to when the Ice Age ended about people began. We will become archaeologist searching for answers to unknown questions. We will then look at the changes which happened as people adapted. We hope you enjoy looking through what year 4 achieve this half term!

Stone Henge

We agreed we would not have learned about Stone Henge if we didn't try to create our own. Unfortunately, we couldn't use stones so we decided to use Bourbon biscuits instead. As you can see, the children did a great job at standing them up and they showed an understanding of how difficult it must have been to construct the stones.

The Myths of Stone Henge

We heard about the myths of Stone Henge and how it was built. The children enjoyed the story about the giants party and how they turned into stone. They have created their own giants to use in their own myth of Stone Henge using the school scrap shed. 

The children worked hard to form their own timeline to show the different eras since the Ice Age. 
Today, we were archaeologist.  We will be making Stone Age food in our D&T lessons so we needed to find out what they eat. Apparently, archaeologist look at remains so we decided to as well! It was smelly work but we found out that there was a big difference between what they ate in the past compared to now. 
A great first day in the Stone Age. We started by stepping back in  time and finding natural objects to make tools. We then used our tools to make paint to communicate through wall art. We also made fires and drew ourselves as cave people.