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Spring 1


This half term the children from Reception are starting to have some Art lessons in the Art room. They will be learning some basic Art skills and having some fun using paint! Here are some photos of their first session last week.

The Children listened to the story of The Dot and then they had a go at making circles of colour like Vashti the main character from the story. The children had smarties on the table to help them create their plates of colour. They practised holding their paint brushes correctly, taking off the excess water, cleaning their brushes and applying the right amount of paint. They worked very hard and enjoyed themselves. Well done Reception!

This week the children in Reception have been developing their painting skills. We shared the Owl Babies story and used this as inspiration to create some beautiful interpretations of Percy, Sarah and Bill. The children had to learn how to mix powder paint, clean their brushes, apply the right amount of paint and take off the excess water. They also learnt how to use stippling, use a sponge and a cotton bud to good effect. Well done Reception! Here are their gorgeous owls:
This week Reception children have been continuing their painting skills and learning how to mix a secondary colour from two primary colours. Very carefully, they had a go at mixing different shades of green. 
Year 1

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...Blast off! Year 1 are going to space this half term. We have shared the story of Aliens Love Underpants and used collage to create their own aliens. Next, they listened to the story of Winnie in Space and we thought about the rockets and planets from the story. We used a splatter paint technique, toothbrushes to create a space background and 3 different colours to good effect.




This week we have been learning how to marble with paint. We had lots of fun creating a marbled piece of paper using shaving foam, paint, pipettes and scrapers. We had to be very careful not to over mix the colours when they were on top of the shaving foam. Here are some of our marbled papers. We will be using these to make our planets.
Here are some of our finished Space compositions. We have added our marbled planets and our collaged rockets.
Year 5
Year 5 have been learning about Claude Monet this half term. They have looked closely at his paintings. They have created their own interpretations of Monet's waterlily garden at his house in Giverny, France.