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Spring 1

Through the Wardrobe!


This half term, Year 3 are going through the wardrobe into Narnia!

We are looking at C.S.Lewis' book 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'. We have turned our classroom into Narnia with lots of snowflakes, icicles and lamposts, as well as created our own lions and wardrobes using tissue paper.

The children in the book are evacuees so we imagined what it would be like to be an evacuee in the war and get on a train to the country. We then wrote some BRILLIANT diary entries about our experiences. 

In History, we learnt about Middleton Raliway. Children had to 'fish' for events for their team and then put them into chronological order.

In Science, we are learning all about light. We learnt about sunlight and how important it is but that it can also be dangerous. 

The children learnt about how UV rays can damage our skin and our eyes. They planned an experiment to look at this damage but knew it wouldn't be safe to use a child so we used...bananas! We put bananas in different places and even put sunglasses on one as they should stop the UV rays!

After a week and a half, we came back to our bananas and we did see a difference!

The bananas in the sun had more damage than the one in the cupboard. The banana wearing sunglasses had less damage than the ones without protection.

The banana in water had very little damage so the water must have stopped some UV rays but the children all know that it is still important to have suncream on, even in a pool or the sea and definitely put it on when they get out!

We started to make our moving pictures and looked at mechanisms that would help the pictures to move! It was quite tricky to do but the children really enjoyed it and it was lovely to see children helping each other.

We received two letters!

One letter was from the witch and was asking us to join her side of the army against Aslan.

The other letter was from Aslan! He was asking us to join his army to defeat the white witch and return Narnia back to normal and stop the constant winter. 

The children took part in a conscience alley and thought about both sides of the argument before writing some brilliant balanced arguments.

The children have worked really hard to create their moving pictures using Narnia as their inspiration!
The children are now published authors! We planned, wrote, edited and illustrated stories which are now books! The children really enjoyed their book launch where they got the share their books with everyone.
This half term the children have been working to turn themselves into half human half animal creatures like Mr Tumnus!