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Spring 1

Polar Adventures


Welcome back after a fantastic Christmas holidays! The children have been telling us all about the amazing memories they have made and how lucky they have been. The children have returned to school with a fantastic attitude and are excited to learn about our new topic, Polar Adventures. 


The children have already prepared to go on a journey to the Arctic. We have thought about the animals they will see and what we will need to take with us. Take a look at our own map we have made of the Arctic:

Our map of the Arctic

The children have also designed and completed their own passport ready for their adventure to the Arctic! We can't go anywhere without our passports ready... 
To get ready for our journey to the Arctic, we have used our large map on the wall to find where we live. We have labelled and coloured our maps of the UK and learned about the four countries that make the UK and studied the city of London... 

When we got to the Arctic, we saw some amazing lights! 

We saw the colours blue, orange, green, yellow and pink. These are called the Northern Lights and you can only see them in the Arctic. 


Can you see our smudged patterns we have made to look like the lights?

In maths, we have been learning to measure the weight of things. We have used balancing scales to compare the weight of different items in the classroom. We have also been using small weights to help us bake some delicious cakes!


Because you can't learn to weigh ingredients without making a cake! 

Take a look at what else we've been doing this week...