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Spring 1

Coming to America!


We hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and happy new year! Our new learning adventure is called Coming to America. We will be focusing our work on the books Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them and Snow White in New York. We will also be looking at North America as a continent, the human and physical features and the states of the USA. Miss O’Connell will be the class teacher and Mrs Brown will be the teaching assistant. Mrs Webster will teach art on Monday mornings and Miss Beaumont will teach PE on Thursday afternoons. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to see me before and after school or ring the school office if you need to speak to me.

Creating a Beast


On Monday 7th January, 3AO had a great time reading descriptions of different beasts and then designing their own. They sketched them out and then labelled the key features of them such as the colours, textures, shapes and sizes.

Writing an Adventure Story - Monday 21st January 

In literacy this week, we will be writing our own adventure stories based on Newt and Niffler. We have planned the stories on a story board and will now be looking at how to write an opening, build up, dilemma and resolution to our stories. 


Maths No Problem 

We have just finished Chapter 4 of our MNP books and are now moving onto looking at measurement. Today we have learnt how to measure in cm's and have used our rulers to help us. We also were able to answer tricky questions about measurement independently and in our pairs too! 

DT - Moving Monsters

This half term we have been looking at different construction methods and have been designing our own Moving Monsters. On Wednesday 23rd January we had a great time making our Moving Monsters with parents and carers who came in to help. The children then decorated their monsters in class and the finished products are fantastic!


In 3AO we have been looking at Bob Marley's 'Three Little Birds' and have been practising singing the song as well as clapping out the rhythm. We also have been lucky enough to use the Boom Whackers in class. We have looked at the differences in notes and how that changes the pitch.

Strengths and Challenges

In 3AO we have been spending some time to reflect on our personal strengths and challenges. We have discussed how the strengths of one person could be the challenges someone else faces. We have spent time talking about how to overcome challenges and how to make the most out of our strengths.


We have also been setting ourselves a goal and thinking carefully about the skills and strengths we already have that will help us reach our goals.


Take a look at some of our work below!

RE - What is a miracle?


In RE we have been discussing what makes us feel better when we are unwell. The children came up with some fantastic ideas and presented them in a mind map. We then read a story from the Bible about a man who was paralysed and was healed by Jesus. the children then worked in groups to discuss if they believed this could actually happen and if so, how?  They then decided if they thought it was a miracle or if their was some other explanation.


Coming to America


In 3AO we have been learning about North America this half term. We have looked at where it is, what countries form the continent North America and how it is different to Leeds. We have identified the different states of the USA on a map and looked at some key landmarks in the USA such as the Grand Canyon and The White House.


We have looked specifically at New York and Mexico and learnt lots about the different landmarks, physical features, traditions and cultures. We researched The Day of the Dead festival which is celebrated in Mexico and then used the information we found to plan our own festival in class. We made masks and maracas and even tried some Mexican nachos!