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Spring 1

Happy New Year everyone and welcome back to another busy half term in the art room. This half term we will be continuing our hard work and developing our art skills further. We are looking forward to getting our art work up on the walls throughout school to showcase our fantastic talents. Watch this space...


Year 1
Year 1 have started to learn about a French Artist called Georges Seurat. They looked at one of his famous paintings called, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte in 1884. The children noticed that Georges Seurat painted with very small dots - this was called pointillism. So accurate and precise were his paintings, that many took two years to complete! The children in year 1 used small dots to create a simple, natural scene using a limited amount of colours. 
Next, year 1 started to learn about another famous, French artist called Henri Matisse. They learnt about how he used paper and scissors to make paper cut-outs using shapes, colour and overlapping. First the children created an individual composition. They practised drawing around 2d shapes carefully and cutting them out and arranging them to create an interesting layout. Next, the children worked together in small groups and created their own compositions. They cut out their shapes straight from the paper, just like Matisse!
Year 2 
Year 2 have been learning about the wonderful, illustrative world of Quentin Blake. They have used water colour paints and pen to create drawings of some of the characters from Quentin Blake's story books. They kick started their learning by looking at the colourful and funny, short story of Mr Magnolia. Next, they looked at The Green Ship and finally Mrs Armitage on Wheels.
Year 3
Year 3 have begun exploring sculpture this half term. In week one the children made some simple paper sculptures and experimented with different ways of making shapes and interesting ways of joining and fastening. Next, they started to learn about the work of an American sculptor called Alexander Calder. In particular, they looked at his sculptures of faces made from wire. The children used different coloured pieces of wire to create their own faces. They had to learn how to bend, shape and twist the wire to make a join.
The children looked at Alexander Calder's kinetic sculptures. He  created drawings in the air using wire. He made everything balance and liked to use shape and colour in his work. The children had a go at creating their own kinetic sculptures using shape, colour and line. They had to make their kinetic sculptures balance and hang properly. Here are some of our mobiles hanging in the Art room brightening up a dull ceiling!
Year 4


Year 4 have been looking at ancient Chinese banners.They created a background wash using cool tones of blue and hot tones of orange. Next, they looked at some blossom and did some observational drawings. We were lucky enough to have the real blossom from a tree in the school grounds. They had to draw the blossom on very carefully to their banner using a pencil. The children tried very hard to be careful and to draw the delicate blossom. Next, they added paint starting with light colours and adding in the darker areas. The trickiest part of the process was painting the blossom flowers. We had to use the tip toes of the paint brush so that the flowers were painted delicately.


Year 5 

Year 5 have started to learn about the Anglo Saxons. They have used collage to make an Anglo Saxon shield.

Next, they started to create a Viking longship painting, using different paint techniques. The children painted a stormy sky and sea using sponges, stippling and splatter painting. Next, they drew their Viking longship and coloured it in using felt tips. They drew the sail separately and folded it to give it depth and attached it to their longship. Here are the finished paintings.



In Year 6 we have been printing. We spent some time learning about the Anglo Saxon alphabet. We then used the alphabet to write our names using runes. We then scratched our designs onto a polystyrene tile rolled over some ink and then pressed them down onto paper. We really enjoyed this and we have made some really brightly coloured prints.